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Pastor Em. Daniel Feischer

“Strong Marriages [are] Key To Social Ills”

To the statement in our title we might say, “Duh!” Is this news?

To some it apparently is. The quote was the headline of an article in a local  newspaper a few years ago. The director of a local social organization said, “There is a lot of research and studies that show healthy marriages are an indicator of children doing better.” She also said, “We are not saying marriage. We are saying healthy marriages.” The group’s concern was the increase in teenage motherhood, the divorce rate, and families living in poverty.Read More »“Strong Marriages [are] Key To Social Ills”

Religion As a Prop

Religion is often used as a prop by politicians during election times.

Recently we read in the public press, “President Obama and his family headed out to church this morning for the third time in a month, the latest sign that the president may be using religion to boost his image as the campaign heats up.”

Lest we be accused of discrimination, let us acknowledge that the current president is not the only one who finds the public show of religion convenient to his ends.Read More »Religion As a Prop

What is Truly Lutheran?

In concluding our second article on the topic “What is Truly Lutheran?”, we summarized the contents of the Augsburg Confession [cf. April 2012 Lutheran Spokesman, p. 15ff].

The Augsburg Confession—the classic confession of the Lutheran Church—was read publicly in June of 1530. One of the Catholic bishops who heard it said, “All of this is exact truth. We cannot deny that” (Living with Luther, J. M. Weidenschilling, p. 38).Read More »What is Truly Lutheran?

What is Truly Lutheran?

To begin with, we do well to define the term Christian. A Christian is one who believes in the forgiveness of sins through the blood atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ. This faith and confidence is not part of the natural human heart but a consequence of the gospel through which the Holy Spirit creates the faith that confesses,

“I believe in God the Father… and in Jesus Christ… and in the Holy Ghost.”Read More »What is Truly Lutheran?