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Bread of Life Readings, May 2024

TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Hymns Reading Comments
May 1 TLH 421/LSB 688 John 9 The hardships that we face in life are not necessarily results of specific sins that we have committed. The Lord uses all our hardships to His glory. The man is not blind because of any sin on his part or on the part of his parents. Jesus heals him, using his blindness as an opportunity to display the glory of God.
May 2 TLH 596/LSB 759 John 11 Jesus raises Lazarus from death. The Jewish leaders, afraid that many will believe in Jesus, plot to kill Jesus. Even in the midst of such evil scheming, the Lord prophesies the reason for Jesus’ death through the mouth of an unfaithful high priest.
May 3 WS 765/LSB 840 Acts 9 The Lord converts to the Christian faith one of the most zealous persecutors of the Christian faith. Paul proclaims Christ in Damascus and in Jerusalem. Peter heals Aeneas and raises Tabitha from death.
May 4 LSB 551 Acts 10 Through a vision of unclean animals, the Lord reveals to Peter that the Gospel message is to be proclaimed also to the Gentiles. Peter preaches to Gentiles and they receive the Holy Spirit.
May 6 TLH 348 Genesis 9 The Lord commands Noah and his sons to multiply and to fill the earth, giving them permission to eat every kind of animal but forbidding them to eat blood. The Lord promises never again to flood the earth. Noah drinks too much wine, Ham dishonors Noah, and Noah curses Canaan.
May 7 TLH 152 2 Corinthians 7 Paul calls the Corinthians to be holy. Paul expresses his pride and joy in the faithfulness of the Corinthians. Paul rejoices that since he has convicted the Corinthians of their sin in his previous letter, they have repented.
May 8 TLH 97 / LSB 390 2 Corinthians 8 Paul encourages the Corinthians to give generously of their wealth in order to support the work of the church.
May 9 TLH 441 / LSB 781 2 Corinthians 9 Paul encourages the Corinthians to contribute freely, generously, and cheerfully.
May 10 TLH 652 / LSB 606 2 Corinthians 10 Paul defends his conduct against false accusations. Believers in Christ are to boast only in the Lord.
May 11 TLH 423 2 Corinthians 11 Paul warns the Corinthians against the deception of the “super-apostles.” Paul reminds the Corinthians of all that he has suffered as an apostle.
May 13 TLH 175 / LSB 426 2 Corinthians 12 Paul shares with the Corinthians the visions that he has received from the Lord and the “thorn in the flesh” that the Lord has sent to keep him humble. Paul boasts of his weaknesses. Paul expresses heartfelt concern for the believers in Corinth.
May 14 TLH 240 / LSB 504 2 Corinthians 13 Paul closes his letter with warnings, greetings, and blessing.
May 15 TLH 264 / LSB 658 Ezekiel 35 The Lord calls Ezekiel to prophesy against Mount Seir.
May 16 TLH 417 / LSB 703 Ezekiel 36 The Lord calls Ezekiel to prophesy against the mountains of Israel. The Lord is concerned for the honor of His holy name. Therefore, for the sake of His holy name the Lord will give his people a new heart and a new spirit, cleansing His people from iniquity.
May 17 TLH 382 Ezekiel 37 The Lord reveals to Ezekiel His regenerating power, bringing back to life an army of dry bones. So the Lord will raise His people from their graves and will put His Spirit within them. The people of the Lord will be united and the Lord will be their God.
May 18 TLH 231 / LSB 768 John 16 Jesus foretells the persecution of His disciples. Jesus promises that after He has gone away, He will send the Holy Spirit to His church. The sorrow of Jesus’ disciples will turn into joy. The tribulation that believers experience in this world is only temporary; Jesus has overcome this world.
May 20 LSB 509 Ezekiel 38 The Lord calls Ezekiel to prophesy against Gog.
May 21 TLH 149 / LSB 435 John 4 While traveling through Samaria, Jesus speaks with a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. Many Samaritans of the town believe in Jesus. Jesus heals the dying son of an official in Capernaum.
May 22 TLH 592 John 5 Jesus heals a sick man on the Sabbath, much to the chagrin of the Jewish leaders. Jesus teaches about His authority as the Son of God. The Scriptures bear witness about Jesus.
May 23 TLH 316 / LSB 642 John 6 Jesus feeds the five thousand. Jesus walks on water. Jesus teaches that He is the true bread of life from heaven. Many disciples no longer follow Jesus on account of His hard sayings. The twelve recognize that Jesus has the words of eternal life.
May 24 TLH 277 / LSB 699 John 7 Jesus teaches at the temple during the Feast of Booths. Many of the people believe in Jesus. The chief priests and the Pharisees send officers to arrest Jesus. Impressed by the teaching of Jesus, the officers choose not to arrest Him.
May 25 TLH 249 / LSB 960 Isaiah 6 Isaiah sees a vision of the Lord sitting on a throne in the temple, being praised by seraphim. Isaiah acknowledges his unworthiness to stand before the Lord, but one of the seraphim cleanses Isaiah by touching his lips with a burning coal from the altar. The Lord sends Isaiah to preach to His people.
May 27 TLH 469 / LSB 648 Deuteronomy 1 On the east side of the Jordan River, Moses reminds the children of Israel of their recent history: how the Lord commanded the children of Israel to leave Horeb and to take possession of the land of Canaan, how Moses appointed leaders over the children of Israel, and how the children of Israel refused to enter Canaan.
May 28 TLH 50 / LSB 924 Deuteronomy 2 Moses reminds the children of Israel of their time spent in the wilderness and of their defeat of King Sihon.
May 29 TLH 9 / LSB 906 Deuteronomy 3 Moses reminds the children of Israel of their defeat of King Og, how the Lord forbade Moses to enter Canaan, and how the Lord appointed Joshua to lead them into Canaan.
May 30 TLH 580 Deuteronomy 4 Moses commands the children of Israel to obey the commands of the Lord. Moses forbids the children of Israel to worship idols, reminding them that the Lord has shown Himself to be the only true God. Moses establishes three cities of refuge.
May 31 TLH 287 / LSB 581 Deuteronomy 5 Moses reminds the children of Israel of the Ten Commandments and admonishes them to live according to the Ten Commandments.

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