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2024 West Central Delegate Conference

May 21-23

Grace Lutheran Church, Valentine, Nebraska


  • A Devotional Study of a General Epistle—Pastor Delwyn Maas
  • Personal Prayer Fellowship—Pastor Paul Krause
  • Preparing Young Christians for Attending Public University—Delegate from Berea Sioux Falls
  • “New Earth” and the Last Day—Pastor James Naumann
  • Encouraging Faithful Church Attendance—Delegate from Prince of Peace Hecla
  • Archaeological Discoveries in Support of the Veracity of the Bible—Delegate from Grace Valentine
  • Encouragement for Overcoming Congregational “Politics”—Delegate from Redeemer Cheyenne
  • Review of Convention Prospectus Materials
  • Speaker: Pastor Michael Roehl
  • Chaplain: Pastor Zachary Sippert

—Submitted by Pastor Timothy Daub, Secretary

Lutheran Spokesman