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If you were to use two words to describe Ascension Lutheran Church since its last update, they would be “resilient” and “blessed.” The people of Ascension endured an almost two-year long vacancy starting in November 2021. During that time, they were occasionally served by faithful vacancy pastors, for which they are extremely grateful. However, they held many lay services when they weren’t able to have a pastor serve them; volunteers kept services going, including liturgy, CLC-pastor-written sermons, and recorded music.


While the numbers did not increase much during this time, they remained constant. The church halls refused to go silent, and the Word of God remained steadfast among them. For this they are thankful.


In today’s world it might have been easy to sit back and let the small attendance and lack of a pastor lead to complacency, and perhaps to their candle being snuffed out completely. Far be it from the members of Ascension! Their light continued to shine as bright as ever. This too was a blessing from God, for it is not human strength or will that allows this or any church to endure the pressure this world puts on it.

Installation – pastor and parents

Prayers were answered as the dual parishes of Ascension Lutheran Church of Tacoma and Redemption Lutheran Church of Lynnwood celebrated the ordination and installation of Pastor Jonah Albrecht on July 16, 2023.

Some members of Ascension
Some members of Ascension

Being blessed by the grace of our loving God, Ascension has stood as a beacon in a dark place. God has remained faithful to His people here and has strengthened them when all else may have seemed lost.

The members of Ascension are excited about prospects that await them in the near future. They plan to organize single-day VBS events in the Tacoma area for the Easter and Christmas seasons, in hopes of reaching other Christian-minded people who may not know who Ascension is or what we stand for. Ascension is also looking into re-starting outreach efforts in the Portland area.

Clean-up day

As the weeks and months go by, joining in acts of fellowship has been an essential part to this church’s identity. Potlucks and work days have been catalysts for our fellowship to grow stronger and for friendships to blossom.

Above all, the faithful members of Ascension are grateful to God Who has allowed them to return to regular church services, and Who will continue to open up doors of opportunity to bring others into our Shepherd’s fold.

On Christ the solid Rock we stand. All other ground is sinking sand! (TLH 370).


Jonah Albrecht is pastor of Redemption Lutheran Church in Lynnwood, Washington, and Ascension Lutheran Church in Tacoma, Washington. Longtime Ascension member Ann Radcliffe contributed to this article.