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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Hymns Reading Comments
December 1 TLH 81/LSB 372 1 Corinthians 1 Paul and Sosthenes greet the believers in Corinth. After expressing his thankfulness to God for the faith of the Corinthians, Paul urges them not to be divided, but to be united by their common faith in Jesus Christ. God has revealed His wisdom and power in the “folly” of the cross.
December 2 TLH 68/LSB 331 Mark 11 Jesus enters Jerusalem in triumph on Palm Sunday. Jesus curses an unfruitful fig tree. Jesus drives the buyers, sellers, and money-changers out of the temple. The priests and elders demand to know by what authority Jesus is teaching and performing miracles. Since they cannot answer whether the baptism of John was from heaven or from man, Jesus declines to answer their question.
December 4 TLH 58/LSB 334 Jeremiah 9 Jeremiah continues to lament the ruin of Judah. We join Jeremiah in weeping over our own sins and their sad results. The steadfast love of the Lord, demonstrated chiefly in the cross of Christ, is the solution to all sin.
December 5 TLH 76/LSB 383 Jeremiah 10 The Lord reviles the folly of idol worship. Idols are lifeless and impotent, but the Lord is the only true and living God, the Maker of heaven and earth.
December 6 TLH 73/LSB 340 Revelation 8 Jesus opens the seventh seal. The first four angels blow their trumpets. Terrible plagues follow each trumpet blast.
December 7 TLH 55/LSB 350 Revelation 9 The fifth and sixth angels blow their trumpets. The first of three woes follows the fifth trumpet blast. The second woe begins following the sixth trumpet blast. Even so, the wicked continue to refuse to repent.
December 8 TLH 61/LSB 347 Isaiah 40 Through Isaiah, the Lord proclaims comfort for His people. Isaiah prophesies the coming of John the Baptist. The Word of the Lord stands forever, while the powers of this world crumble into nothing. The Lord revives His faithful people.
December 9 TLH 272/LSB 346 Mark 1 Mark records the fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah 40: the coming of John the Baptist. John baptizes, proclaims repentance, and points ahead to the Christ. John baptizes Jesus. Satan tempts Jesus in the wilderness. Jesus calls His first four disciples. Jesus performs many miraculous healings and preaches throughout Galilee.
December 11 TLH 74/LSB 333 Revelation 10 An angel holding a little scroll announces the coming of the seventh trumpet blast. Jesus commands John to eat the little scroll. He eats it.
December 12 TLH 136/LSB 367 Revelation 11 The second woe continues. John is directed to measure the temple with a measuring rod. The Lord sends two witnesses to prophesy to the inhabitants of the earth. The Lord sends a great earthquake, concluding the second woe. The seventh angel blows his trumpet. The twenty-four elders worship God. The heavenly temple of God is opened.
December 13 TLH 91/LSB 352 Revelation 12 John sees a vision of a woman giving birth and a dragon waiting to devour the child. The Christian church is the mother of all believers. Satan would devour us, but the Lord takes us to Himself and continues to protect His church. War breaks out between Michael and the dragon, Satan. Satan and his angels are thrown to earth, where Satan wages war against believers in Christ.
December 14 TLH 69/LSB 354 Revelation 13 John sees two visions of beasts. The first beast comes out of the sea and has ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on its horns. Satan gives this beast authority on earth. The unbelievers of the world worship the beast. The second beast comes out of the earth and has two horns. It performs miracles and compels people to create and to worship an image of the first beast.
December 15 TLH 66/LSB 349 Isaiah 61 The Messiah comes to heal us, to free us, to comfort us. He proclaims the good news of sins forgiven!
December 16 TLH 98/LSB 384 John 1 Jesus Christ is true God, coeternal with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Through Jesus, God created all things. John the Baptist testifies to the Christ Who is about to arrive. Jesus calls Andrew and Simon to follow Him. Jesus calls Philip and Nathanael to follow Him.
December 18 TLH 168/LSB 455 2 Samuel 7 King David desires to build a house for the Lord. The Lord promises that He will build a house for David. The Lord will fulfill His promise partially through Solomon and the temple of Jerusalem. The Lord will fulfill His promise completely through the person and work of Jesus Christ.
December 19 TLH 95/LSB 332 Isaiah 7 Israel and Syria conspire to attack Judah. The Lord sends Isaiah to Ahaz, King of Judah, to comfort him with the assurance that the attack will not succeed. Through Isaiah the Lord promises that a virgin will bear a son and name Him Immanuel. Fully God and fully man, Jesus truly is “God with us.”
December 20 LSB 366 Isaiah 8 As a result of the unfaithfulness of the people, Assyria will invade Judah. The people of God are not to rely on worldly wisdom or might or to consult false prophets or mediums. The Lord speaks to His people always and only through His Word.
December 21 TLH 647/LSB 361 Matthew 1 Matthew traces the genealogy of Jesus from Abraham to Joseph, the stepfather of Jesus. Matthew provides a brief account of the birth of Christ.
December 22 TLH 90/LSB 375 Luke 1 Gabriel foretells the birth of John the Baptist to Zechariah. Gabriel foretells the birth of Jesus to Mary. Mary visits Elizabeth. Mary praises the Lord. John is born. Zechariah prophesies.
December 23 TLH 85/LSB 358 Luke 2 Christ is born in Bethlehem. An angel of the Lord announces the birth to a group of shepherds, who travel to Bethlehem to see the Christ. Jesus is circumcised and named on the eighth day. The family travels to Jerusalem for the purification of Mary and the presentation of Jesus. Simeon and Anna encounter their Savior. Joseph and Mary bring twelve-year-old Jesus to the temple for the Passover observance.
December 25 TLH 106/LSB 412 Isaiah 9 Isaiah prophesies a great light for those who have walked in darkness; Jesus Christ is the light of the world! Isaiah prophesies the judgment of the Lord against arrogance and oppression.
December 26 LSB 834 Titus 1 Paul greets Titus and tasks him with appointing an elder (pastor) in every town on the island of Crete. Paul lists qualifications for such overseers. Paul warns Titus about enemies of the faith.
December 27 WS 707/LSB 377 Titus 2 Paul exhorts Titus to teach sound doctrine. Paul gives instructions for believers as they fulfill various vocations in life, motivated by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Titus is to repeat these instructions to the believers on Crete.
December 28 TLH 77/LSB 360 Titus 3 Paul continues to exhort Titus and the people under his care to good works. We are a new creation in Christ, washed clean in Baptism to be the holy children of God. Therefore we desire to live as holy children of God. Paul closes his letter with final greetings and a closing blessing.
December 29 WS 712/LSB 370 Isaiah 52 Isaiah prophesies the coming salvation of the Lord. What joyful news! This salvation will be accomplished through the suffering of the Messiah.
December 30 TLH 96/LSB 897 Isaiah 62 The Lord has not forsaken His people. On the contrary, He has accomplished our salvation at the appointed time. By faith in Christ we are the holy people of God. Praise the Lord for His glad tidings!

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