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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Hymns Reading Comments
August 1 TLH 220 Hebrews 9 Jesus Christ is a greater Priest than those of the Old Testament, and His covenant also is greater than theirs. He has redeemed us by His own blood.
August 2 TLH 156 / LSB 431 Hebrews 10 Christ offered one sacrifice for all the sins of the world. By faith in Him we receive the free gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation.
August 3 TLH 396 Hebrews 11 What is faith? The writer to the Hebrews points to well-known figures of the Old Testament as examples of faithfulness.
August 4 TLH 373 / LSB 566 Romans 9 Some sinners are saved purely by the grace of the Lord. Others are damned as a result of their own rejection of His grace. We cannot rationalize this paradox. We simply stand in awe of the Lord, trusting His infinite wisdom, justice, and love.
August 5 TLH 370 / LSB 575 Matthew 14 Herod has John the Baptist beheaded. Jesus feeds five thousand. Jesus walks on water. Jesus heals the sick.
August 7 TLH 402 / LSB 731 Hebrews 12 We trust in Jesus Christ alone. By faith in Him we are equipped to endure whatever crosses or trials may come our way. We belong to the unshakable kingdom of the Lord!
August 8 TLH 464 / LSB 649 Hebrews 13 The writer to the Hebrews exhorts his readers to holy living before closing his letter with a benediction and personal greetings.
August 9 TLH 99 Galatians 4 At the appointed time, God sent His Son to redeem us. We are no longer slaves, but sons and heirs of our heavenly Father. Paul urges the Galatians not to return to the slavery of their former paganism.
August 10 TLH 140 / LSB 440 Galatians 5 Believers in Christ are free from the curse of the law, free to stop gratifying the desires of the sinful flesh, and free to live according to the desires of the Spirit.
August 11 TLH 175 / LSB 425 Galatians 6 Paul encourages the Galatians to admonish and to restore one another in gentleness and to do good toward one another. Paul closes his letter with a blessing.
August 12 TLH 19 / LSB 819 Romans 10 The Lord has accomplished salvation for all people through His life, death, and resurrection. Individual sinners receive this salvation as the Holy Spirit gives them the gift of faith through the gospel.
August 14 LSB 659 Genesis 7 The Lord commands Noah to gather his family and the animals into the ark. Rain falls for forty days and forty nights. The flood water remains on the earth for 150 days.
August 15 LSB 809 Genesis 8 The Lord ends the flood and the waters subside. Noah and his family and the animals come out of the ark. Noah offers sacrifices to the Lord. The Lord makes a covenant with Noah.
August 16 TLH 605 Genesis 19 The Lord rescues Lot and his family from Sodom before destroying the city.
August 17 WS 741 / LSB 807 Isaiah 56 All the faithful will receive salvation from the Lord—even Gentiles. The leaders of Israel, however, have failed to remain faithful to the Lord.
August 18 TLH 342 / LSB 611 Romans 11 Though the Israelites by and large have rejected their Messiah, some believe and are saved. The Lord reveals His grace also to Gentiles.
August 19 TLH 387 / LSB 556 Matthew 15 Jesus opposes the Pharisees, who insist on upholding human traditions while neglecting the commands of God. A Canaanite woman believes in Jesus and her daughter is delivered from demonic possession. Jesus heals many people and feeds four thousand.
August 21 WS 793 / LSB 893 Job 36 Elihu attempts to defend the goodness and justice of God. While he is more sympathetic than the other three friends of Job, he concludes, wrongly, that the afflictions of Job are results of unrighteousness on the part of Job.
August 22 TLH 243 Job 37 Elihu continues to declare the majesty of the Lord.
August 23 WS 763 / LSB 512 Isaiah 45 The Lord has chosen Cyrus as an instrument to carry out His holy will. The Lord alone is the Savior of mankind.
August 24 TLH 278 Isaiah 63 The Lord destroys His enemies in vengeance. Yet He has mercy on His chosen people. We join Isaiah each day in praying for mercy from the Lord. He grants us mercy for the sake of Christ.
August 25 TLH 399 / LSB 694 Isaiah 51 The Lord comforts, reassures, and encourages His faithful people.
August 26 TLH 409 / LSB 685 Matthew 16 “For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” (Matthew 12:40, ESV) Peter confesses Jesus as the Christ. Jesus predicts His death and resurrection. Jesus teaches that his followers also must bear their own crosses.
August 28 LSB 739 Isaiah 42 The Lord promises to send the Messiah, Who will accomplish salvation. In response to this salvation, we praise the Lord. Many, however, remain deaf and blind to the Gospel.
August 29 TLH 338 / LSB 687 Isaiah 43 The Lord is the only Redeemer of His chosen people.
August 30 TLH 32 Isaiah 66 The faithful people of the Lord humbly listen to His Word; great rejoicing results! Isaiah concludes his prophecy with a description of the final judgment and the eternal glory of the Lord.
August 31 TLH 518 / LSB 750 Psalm 138 The Lord preserves and protects His faithful people. Truly He is worthy of our thanks and our praise!

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