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2023 West Central Delegate Conference

May 23-25, 2023

Trinity Lutheran Church, Watertown, South Dakota


  • Point II.D of the Joint Statement—”Scripturally Sound?”—Pastor Benjamin Libby
  • How the False Doctrines of Major Denominations Are Evidenced in their Liturgies—Pastor Thomas Schuetze
  • Evaluation of CRT [Critical Race Theory]—Delegate from Berea, Sioux Falls
  • Is “Right Hand/Arm” of the Lord in the Old Testament a Reference to Jesus?—Pastor Timothy Daub
  • The Place of the Book of Esther in the Canon of Scripture—Mr. David Maas
  • A Comparison of Psalm 4:4 and Ephesians 4:26—Pastor Aaron Ude
  • A Study of Sensuality and Its Relation to Idolatry—Mr. Michael Sprengeler
  • The Grammar of the Lord’s Prayer as Explained in Luther’s Catechism and Hymn—Pastor Timothy Wheaton
  • Christian Freedom: Does Scripture Stop Us, or Does Scripture Start Us?—Delegate from Redeemer, Cheyenne
  • Faith-Based Healthcare Options—Delegate from Gift of God, Mapleton, North Dakota
  • The Joy of Christian Giving (Financial Stewardship)—Delegate from Prince of Peace, Loveland.
  • A Devotional Study of a General Epistle—Pastor Richard Kanzenbach

—Submitted by Pastor Timothy Daub, Secretary

Lutheran Spokesman