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Anniversary. Holy Trinity Lutheran School, West Columbia, South Carolina, invites all current and former students, parents, teachers, pastors, CLC members and friends to our Fiftieth Anniversary Festival. This celebration of God’s grace will be held May 26, 27 and 28 (Memorial Day weekend) with various activities each day. Visit for information or to receive email updates. Please contact principal Josh Ohlmann ( with questions. Schedule your vacation to join us during this time of thanksgiving and fun!

Holy Trinity Lutheran School, Columbia, South Carolina
Children and teachers of Holy Trinity Lutheran School, Columbia, South Carolina

–Rev. Glenn Oster, Congregational President

COMMISSIONING. In accord with our usage and order, Bruce Naumann , who was called by the CLC Board of Missions as our fellowship’s third full-time foreign missionary, was commissioned on March 12, 2023, as part of the morning service at Messiah Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Also participating in the service were (front row, left to right:) Pastor Caleb Schaller, Professor Paul Naumann, Missionary Bruce Naumann, Pastor James Naumann, Pastor Frank Gantt, Missionary Todd Ohlmann; (back row, left to right:) Pastor Emeritus James Sandeen, Pastor Paul Krause, Pastor Paul Tiefel, Board of Missions member Jeff Radichel, Pastor Nathanael Mayhew, and Board of Missions Chairman Joel Krafft.

Commissioning Bruce Naumann

—Pastor Nathanael Mayhew, CLC Board of Missions.

Pacific Coast Teachers' Conference, held February 18-20 at St. John's Lutheran Church, Clarkston, Washington
Pacific Coast Teachers’ Conference, held February 18-20 at St. John’s Lutheran Church, Clarkston, Washington

Lutheran Spokesman