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West Central Delegate Conference

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Lakewood, Colorado

May 24-26, 2022


• Is It a Sin to Disobey Illegal Laws, Guidelines, Regulations, Etc.?—Mr. Loren Hansen“Blessed”—Does It Refer to a Preceding Action or Subsequent Action or Both, and How to Tell the Difference—Pastor James Naumann

• The Athanasian Creed: Is the Unexplained Use of this Creed, Once a Year, More Hindersome than Beneficial?—Pastor Timothy Daub

• How Can We Respond Biblically to Transgenderism and Its Social/Political Agenda? —Pastor Paul Nolting

• Contrasting the Ministries of Ezekiel and Jeremiah —Watertown Layman

• What Constitutes an Appropriate Use of the Phrase “Scripturally Sound”?—Pastor Paul Krause

• Minor Prophet Study (Essayist’s Choice)—Pastor Timothy Wheaton

• Chaplain—Pastor Cory Drehle

• Speaker—Pastor Delwyn Maas

—Submitted by Pastor Timothy Daub, Secretary

Exploratory Services in Lincoln, Nebraska

On January 29, twenty-three souls gathered for an exploratory service in Lincoln. We met at a rented space as a central location for CLC member families spread across the region, each living far from their home congregations. There were enough children to offer a Sunday school lesson afterward. We also had three nonmembers attend who asked for a follow-up visit and more information on the CLC. Lord willing, South Dakota pastors intend to offer the service at least quarterly, if not monthly. If you have any contacts in the Lincoln area we would be pleased to reach out to them with future service dates. Send your contacts to

Pastor Timothy Daub

Pacific Coast Pastoral Conference

Redemption Lutheran Church, Lynnwood, Washington

May 10-12, 2022


• Old Testament Exegesis (Essayist’s Choice)—Pastor Drew Naumann

• New Testament Exegesis, James 1:19ff.—Pastor Michael Gurath

• A Study of the Concept “Waiting on the Lord”—Pastor Wayne Eichstadt

• Study of Free Will and Common Misrepresentations—Pastor David Naumann

• Semper Virgo and the Family of Jesus: Why Do Some Insist on the Perpetual Virginity of Mary and What Does the Scripture Say?—Pastor Mark Tiefel

• Chaplain—Pastor Luke Bernthal

• Speaker—Pastor David Reim

—Submitted by Pastor Mark Tiefel, Secretary