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Salem Evangelical Lutheran ChurchEagle Lake, Minnesota

In the fall of 2019, the members of Salem were blessed to have a special service commemorating the seventy-fifth anniversary of the congregation. Though many things certainly change in that amount of time, the steadfast love and care of our Lord for His people does not! On a local level that steadfast love can be observed by simply noting the things the Lord continues to do in our congregation.

During the years since we last updated you, some of the faces have changed here at Salem. The same pastor is here, but he was blessed with a wife and, more recently, a daughter. Several longtime, faithful members have been called home to be with their Lord. These were individuals who were very involved in the life of the congregation, people who treasured His Word and His house. However, we are thankful to have new individuals with us. Not only do we find several more pre-school aged children in our services, but others have joined us as well. Some have been welcomed to our membership by transfer, and another joined after finding that the teachings of our church body are more in line with Scripture than those of his former fellowship. One new member became a voting member this fall after turning eighteen. In each of these cases, we are joyful to have these fellow believers joining with us to grow in the grace of our Savior Jesus and to raise our collective voices in singing His praises!

Yes, in all generations, the Lord continues to be our dwelling place (Psalm 90:1)! How vital for each succeeding generation not only to hold firmly to the truths which they have been taught by their parents and teachers, but also to do as the Lord says and teach those same truths diligently to their children (Deuteronomy 6:7). With all of the challenges to faith that believers face as they travel through this life to the life to come, it is imperative that they become ever more grounded in the saving knowledge of God’s Word!

Our congregation here in the small town of Eagle Lake, Minnesota, is blessed to have a role to play in that all-important task of bringing the youth up in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.” (Ephesians 6:4 KJV) Our Sunday School at present is smaller than it was just a few years ago, but continues to impart the teachings of Scripture to the hearts and minds of the youngest of the flock. While we do not have a grade school, some school-age members have through the years made use of the elementary and high school at nearby Immanuel of Mankato. Members of Salem are very grateful for Immanuel’s proximity to us and the opportunities provided through their congregation and school. With the exception of 2020, Salem has continued to conduct a summer Bible school, usually doing some flyer distribution in town beforehand. Neighbors have joined us at times for these sessions.

For the past couple of years, Salem’s pastor has conducted a Bible study at a Mankato apartment complex where both Salem and Immanuel have had members reside. Several non-members have also participated in that class.

Besides the regular church activities throughout the year, members annually join at an area lake in the summer for a church picnic. This past summer, members also came together on a Saturday to landscape and put in many new plants around the church building. Salem continues to have an active ladies’ group of five to eight people who gather monthly (see inside cover). As Christmas approaches, a good-sized contingent of members gathers and sings Christmas music at a variety of settings where other members reside.

Salem currently has a total of sixty-five souls listed as members, with six of them being school-aged and four between the ages of one and four. While we as individual believers, and as a congregation, continue to march with the Holy Christian Church inexorably forward through this world to eternity, we stand on the abiding and unchanging Word of God. We are comforted and at peace, for that same Lord Jesus Who has redeemed each of us has promised never to leave or forsake us! (Hebrews 13:5)

If you should be near the Eagle Lake area, you are encouraged to stop in and join us for a service. We’d love to meet some of our fellow believers from around our synod!

George Dummann is pastor of Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Eagle Lake, Minnesota.