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Domestic Mission Program

Every other month our CLC Board of Missions updates us with recent news from various mission fields.

Our CLC domestic mission program assists in the spread of the Gospel by providing direction, encouragement, and financial support to preaching stations and congregations that are unable to support a full-time ministry on their own but demonstrate the potential to become a self-supporting congregation. In this way, the members of the CLC work together toward the goal of establishing self-supporting congregations in North America.

In the early days of the CLC, the main function of the Board of Missions was to distribute funds to support congregations that had formed during the split from the WELS/ELS and were not immediately able to support a full-time ministry. One might be surprised to know that in our sixty plus years, the CLC has supported over fifty mission congregations across the United States and Canada in places like Minneapolis, St. Paul, Seattle, Spokane, Phoenix, Eau Claire, Winter Haven, Cheyenne, Winner, Denver, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, St. Louis, Corpus Christi, Madison, Sister Lakes, Rapid City, Loveland, Dallas, Fairfax, Bismarck, Sioux Falls, North Port, Detroit, Albuquerque, Fargo, Appleton, Weslaco, Tacoma, Vernon, and Atlanta. Over half of those congregations are now self-supporting, including Gift of God, Mapleton, which just became self-supporting last month.

Currently, the Board of Missions supports four domestic congregations: Living Hope, Appleton, WI; Zion, Loganville, GA; Ascension, Tacoma, WA; and Mt. Zion, Madison Heights, MI. The Committee on Domestic Fields has been active over the past few years producing bulletin inserts, Bible studies, and mission-themed worship services to assist all of our CLC congregations in carrying out the Great Commission (see The Board also maintains a list of preaching stations, which is published here for the benefit of CLC members living near these areas who wish to enjoy fellowship with like-minded believers.

May the Lord bless our efforts as we carry out His Great Commission at home and abroad.

Location Pastoral Contact Lay Contact

Alaska, Anchorage Pastor Dave Naumann Mr. Jay Schultz

(920) 266-5384 (907) 617-4970

Alaska, Fairbanks Pastor Dave Naumann Mr. Erich Hoffmann

(920) 266-5384 (907) 488-3017

Alaska, Ketchikan Pastor Dave Naumann Mr. Jacob Schultz

(920) 266-5384 (907) 254-9766

California, (L.A. Area) Pastor Luke Bernthal Mr. Kevin Fossum

(650) 282-5752 (951) 712-7752

California, Stockton Pastor Luke Bernthal Mr. Roy Cameron

(650) 282-5752 209-988-0148

Florida, Orlando Mr. Paul Kuehne

(407) 595-5589

Michigan, Grand Rapids Pastor Stefan Sonnenfeld Mr. Richard Waldner

(701) 566-0924 (616) 457-9726

Missouri, Kansas City Pastor Sam Rodebaugh Mr. Justin Wenner

(414) 534-7279 (605) 484-5063

Lincoln, Nebraska Pastor Tim Daub Mr. Michael Wood

(605) 994-2145 (605) 216-3084

New Mexico, Albuquerque Mr. Robin Vogsland

(505) 892-6934

Ohio, Cleveland Pastor Tom Naumann Mrs. Laura Hughes

(920) 266-5387 (440) 865-2534

South Carolina, Greenville Pastor David Pfeiffer

(803) 796-0770

South Dakota, Aberdeen Pastor Tim Daub Mr. Jeff Kippley

(605) 994-2145 (605) 380-9565

Tennessee area Pastor Frank Gantt Mr. Chuck Templeton

(470) 701-8669 (931) 979-0840

Virginia, Fairfax Pastor Glenn Oster Mr. David Loop

(Washington, DC area) (803) 361-2739 (703) 250-202


Withrow/Mansfield Pastor Drew Naumann Mr. Luke Lillquist

(253) 414-4740 (509) 279-8889

Wyoming, Gillette Pastor Aaron Ude Mr. Jay Hollenbeck

(605) 393- 1311 (307) 680- 3777

Alberta, Calgary Pastor David Reim Michael Sandberg

(Canada) (250) 549-5250 (403) 998-5641

Rob Sauers is pastor of Luther Memorial Church in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and a member of the CLC Board of Missions