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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Hymns Reading Comments

Oct 1 TLH 418 Genesis 42:1-38 Joseph dealt both gently and wisely with his brothers, attempting to ascertain the state
of their trustworthiness and their repentance after selling him into slavery.

Oct 2 TLH 357 Genesis 43:1-34 Joseph’s love for his brothers was great even though they had done great evil to him in
the past. He would not hold this against them. May we be just as forgiving.

Oct 4 TLH 591 Psalm 34 The theme of this psalm is “deliverance.” The Lord delivers His believing children who
call to Him. “He helps us free from ev’ry need that hath us now o’ertaken.”

Oct 5 TLH 311 (LSB 627) Matthew 16:13-28 Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of the living God, but He did not come in godly terror. Rather He came with healing in His wings to lay down His life for sinners.

Oct 6 WS 719 (LSB 415) Matthew 17:1-13 Days of suffering and sorrow were coming for Jesus. Remembering this event on the mountain would reassure both Jesus and His disciples of brighter days ahead.

Oct 7 TLH 623 Mark 10:1-12 The sixth commandment stands, but v. 9 also gives us a Gospel-based reason for remaining married: God has joined you to your spouse, so you know she/he is the “right one.”

Oct 8 TLH 279 (LSB 915) Genesis 44:1-34 Joseph’s test of his brothers’ love revealed that they were not in the habit of treating the youngest (Benjamin) as badly as they had treated him.

Oct 9 TLH 553 Psalm 35 David’s enemies were also the Lord’s enemies so in his prayer for their defeat he was not
seeking personal vengeance, but rather victory for the Lord.

Oct 11 TLH 649 Psalm 36 David’s prayer is ours too: may the ungodly wicked never overtake us, but may the Lord
preserve us with His unfailing love!

Oct 12 TLH 650 Matthew 22:1-14 It’s bad news for those who reject Christ’s forgiveness, but He will go out and bring others in to share His heavenly banquet and they will be blessed!

Oct 13 TLH 290 Matthew 22:15-40 The Pharisees tried to trap Jesus, but Jesus avoided their traps each time by responding with an appropriate Word of God—something like He had responded to Satan in the wilderness.

Oct 14 TLH 217 Matthew 22:41-46 Now when Jesus turned the tables on the Pharisees and asked them a question, they
had no answer. Jesus had the word of God on His side and they did not!

Oct 15 TLH 573 Psalm 37:1-24 Sometimes the wicked seem to get everything they want and we get nothing of what
we want. Don’t be envious of them. God knows your desires too. He’ll take care of you.

Oct 16 TLH 569 Psalm 37:25-40 The Lord will care for His faithful ones forever but the good things that the wicked enjoy now will come to an end.

Oct 18 TLH 566 Genesis 48:1-22 Jacob reassured his descendants of God’s promise to give the land of Canaan to them as a possession, a promise also tied to the coming of the Christ.

Oct 19 TLH 642 Mark 12:1-12 The chief priests and teachers didn’t miss the meaning of this parable! It was a warning
to them and a call to repentance and faith. Would any hear and believe it?

Oct 20 TLH 336 Mark 12:13-34 What is more important than an outward show of religion (such as sacrifices and
offerings)? To love God and to keep His commandments from the heart.

Oct 21 TLH 641 Mark 12:35-40 The so-called “teachers of the law” did not teach God’s word correctly. We too need
watch that we listen to teachers who teach the Scriptures correctly.

Oct 22 TLH 405; LSB 787 Mark 12:41-44 Once again, making an outward show of religion does not matter to God; what comes from the heart does.

Oct 23 TLH 471 Genesis 49:1-28 We pay special attention to Judah’s blessing, for it was from Judah’s tribe that the Messiah would come, the One to whom the nations would come.

Oct 25 TLH 455; LSB 843 Genesis 49:29-50:21 After Jacob’s death, Joseph’s brothers feared he would suddenly turn on them, but Joseph had forgiven them and God had used even their evil deeds to accomplish His purpose.

Oct 26 TLH 463 (LSB 677) Genesis 50:22-26 Joseph’s life—and the book of Genesis—ends with Joseph showing confidence in the Lord’s promises.

Oct 27 TLH 314 (LSB 623) Matthew 23:1-12 Our sinful nature wants to see us rise proudly above others, but the Christian heart sees its sinfulness and humbly falls before the Savior in repentance.

Oct 28 TLH 555 Matthew 23:13-39 In our weakness we all fall into the sin of hypocrisy, but let’s not be like the Pharisees
who made it a way of life! Savior, forgive us!

Oct 29 WS 775 (LSB 578) Mark 13:1-31 Nothing in this world lasts forever and the greatest accomplishments of mankind will fade away. What never fades or changes? God’s Word.

Oct 30 TLH 613 (LSB 672) Mark 13:32-37 It is fashionable for religious leaders to predict the day and the hour of Christ’s second coming, but the truth is none of us know. So be ready every day.