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Date Hymns Reading Comments

TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Sep 1 TLH 9 (LSB 906) Luke 6:1-11 The disciples weren’t “harvesting” on the Sabbath, they were eating lunch. It was clear that the Pharisees had distorted and lost the true purpose for the Sabbath: rest for souls.

Sep 2 TLH 7 Luke 6:12-26 After calling His disciples, Jesus reminded them not to expect an easy life, but rather a blessed one.

Sep 3 TLH 547 Luke 6:27-45 Love does not do evil, even to our enemies, and it does not allow us to look down on  those who have sinned as if we never have or never would.

Sep 4 TLH 251 (LSB 953) Luke 6:46-7:10 The centurion showed that his house was built on a foundation of rock, putting his  confidence in Jesus even from a distance.

Sep 6 TLH 213 Psalm 24 The Lord is King, and all the earth–as well as all power and authority–belongs to Him. Yet because of Jesus, Who has cleansed us from our sins, we can approach Him without fear.

Sep 7 TLH 241 Psalm 26 Thanks to the Lord and His work in us we are not like the unrepentant evildoers. May the Lord save us from the punishment that is awaiting them!

Sep 8 TLH 437 (LSB 714) Psalm 28 The Lord is our strength and our shield, our defense against all our enemies.

Sep 9 TLH 475 (LSB 670) Luke 7:11-17 This reading highlights not only Jesus’ power to raise the dead but also His compassion toward those who suffer loss.

Sep 10 TLH 222 (LSB 495) Luke 7:18-35 Jesus reasurred John and His disciples that He was the Promised One from heaven, and He warned those who would not believe it.

Sep 11 TLH 397 Luke 7:36-50 What moved the sinful woman to show such love toward Jesus? It was the forgiveness of sins she had received from Him.

Sep 13 TLH 402 (LSB 731) Genesis 31:1-21 God had greatly blessed Jacob’s family, but Rachel just had to grab a few more things for herself. When tempted, it’s hard to keep our hands to ourselves.

Sep 14 TLH 481 Genesis 32:1-21 An anxious meeting with Esau was on the horizon, but Jacob took his concerns to the Lord in prayer. The Lord’s answer comes next …

Sep 15 TLH 423 Genesis 32:22-32 The Lord heard Jacob’s prayer and came to him in person to bless him. The wrestling match was to teach Jacob not ever to let go of the God he trusted.

Sep 16 TLH 367 (LSB 531) Luke 9:1-9 When Herod caught word of Jesus, he was interested only in the entertainment value he could get from Him, just as he had been with John the Baptist.

Sep 17 TLH 426 Luke 9:10-17 Jesus’ miracles were not for mere entertainment, but met the earthly needs of the people—and more importantly showed them that He was the Christ from God.

Sep 18 TLH 473 (LSB 644) Mark 7:1-15 Do you have religious customs and traditions? It’s okay if you do, but if you insist on them like they are the Lord’s commandments, you’ve gone too far.

Sep 20 TLH 548 Genesis 34:1-31 What do think of the revenge Dinah’s brothers took out on Shechem? What do you think of the reason (v. 31) they gave for doing it? Have you heard reasoning like that before?

Sep 21 WS 747 LSB 817) Psalm 29 The Lord is almighty and enthroned as King forever, yet what does He do with all that strength? He uses it to bless His people and give them peace!

Sep 22 WS 750 (LSB 593) Psalm 30 With our sins we dug a hole we could not get out of ourselves, but God raised us up by sending His Son to suffer for those sins in our place. Praise Him forever!

Sep 23 WS 778 (TLH 374) Mark 7:17-30 We are not saved by keeping the Law outwardly, but we are saved by trusting inwardly in Jesus. Compare the heart of a Pharisee to that of the Syrophoenician woman.

Sep 24 TLH 424 Genesis 40:1-23 Surely Joseph thought this was the time he would get out of prison, but God had a different time in mind, and His timing worked out for the best.

Sep 25 TLH 425 (LSB 732) Genesis 41:1-40 The additional two years in prison would have helped Joseph practice the humility and patience he would need to be a good ruler over Egypt.

Sep 27 TLH 121 Psalm 31 Joseph’s times, David’s times—all our times are in the hands of the Lord. What a comfort and a relief!

Sep 28 TLH 439 (LSB 852) Genesis 41:41-57 The Lord turned the thirty-year-old Joseph into a wise and compassionate leader.

Sep 29 WS 761 (LSB 818) Mark 7:31-37 “He has done everything well,” the crowd said. Though they didn’t know the “everything,” they weren’t wrong! His life, death, and resurrection—all was done well for us!

Sep 30 TLH 351 (LSB 700) Matthew 16:1-12 Beware of the empty philosophers and the blind teachers of today. They might even know some science, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know God.