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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Hymns Reading Comments

Jul 1 WS 744 (LSB 801) Genesis 1:1-31 Everything God made was very good. His original created worked—and worked perfectly.

Jul 2 TLH 282 Genesis 2:1-25 God also made Adam and Eve, the “crown” of His creation, and they too were
perfect and perfectly suited to one another.

Jul 3 TLH 369; LSB 561 Genesis 3:1-24 One sin ruined everything because only one thing wrong ruins perfection. But one Man’s
perfection would later crush Satan’s head.

Jul 5 TLH 46 (LSB 921) Philippians 1:1-11 Paul prays with confidence in the Lord’s continued work among the Philippians.

Jul 6 TLH 444 (LSB 455) Philippians 1:12-30 When Christians face difficult situations, it is encouraging to know that the Lord can also
use them to His glory.

Jul 7 TLH 158 (LSB 433) Genesis 4:1-26 The effects of sin in the world are painfully evident in the murder of Abel, but there is
good news for Adam and Eve in the birth of Seth— an ancestor of Jesus Christ!

Jul 8 TLH 596 (LSB 759) Genesis 5:1-32 The lengthy lifespans allowed the population of the earth to grow large and for
families to learn of the Lord, yet the deaths remind us that sin was in the world.

Jul 9 TLH 5 (LSB 908) Genesis 6:1-22 God’s children by faith (like Noah and us) receive special care from His hand, and He even
gives the unbelieving time to repent. What a gracious God!

Jul 10 WS 763 (LSB 512) Philippians 2:1-11 Thinking too highly of yourself means you’ll think too little of God. Remember Jesus, Who
submitted to His Father even though He was the very Son of God.

Jul 12 TLH 234 (LSB 496) Philippians 2:12-30 We live in a “crooked and perverse generation,” so we are encouraged when we hear of
Christians who are standing firm in the truth.

Jul 13 TLH 370 (LSB 575) Genesis 7:1-14 Although God delivered a worldwide judgment on sin, He did not wipe out the human
race entirely. Otherwise, Eve’s Offspring could not have crushed the serpent’s head.

Jul 14 TLH 4; LSB 809 Genesis 8:1-22 After the flood, “God remembered Noah” and continued His faithfulness to him and to the
world He had made. Faithfulness which continues yet today (v. 22).

Jul 15 TLH 119 Genesis 9:1-17 God blessed Noah by giving him and his descendants dominion over creation and
promising that the floodwaters he had seen would never again cover the earth.

Jul 16 TLH 219 (LSB 532) Philippians 3:1-11 It is a characteristic of our sinful flesh to try to gain righteousness by keeping the Law—
even by adding to God’s Law things He does not require of us.

Jul 17 TLH 660 (LSB 738) Philippians 3:12-21 Knowing that our flesh seeks righteousness by the Law, we struggle against it and press
on toward our heavenly goal promised to us in Christ Jesus—press on in faith.

Jul 19 TLH 628 (LSB 864) Genesis 10:1-32 Once again God set out building up the population of the earth, blessing Noah and his
family with children and more children.

Jul 20 TLH 40 (LSB 798) Genesis 11:1-32 Noah’s flood had rendered judgment, but it could not overcome sin. Many still followed
the way of evil, but the geneology eventually led us to Abram, who looked for the Savior
from sin.

Jul 21 WS 784 (LSB 722) Genesis 12:1-9 Would you be eager to leave your country and family at age seventy-five? Abram was, but only
because of God’s promise. What decisions do you make on the basis of God’s promises?

Jul 22 TLH 545; LSB 763 Philippians 4:1-9 God’s peace is greater than any peace our own thinking can give to us. His peace in Christ
is able to protect our hearts and minds from anxiety and fear.

Jul 23 TLH 192 (LSB 467) Philippians 4:10-23 With Christ on our side strengthening us and preparing us for heaven, we know we can
face anything!

Jul 24 TLH 427 (LSB 728) Psalm 4 Trouble and distress will surely find us, but that is no reason to sin against the Lord in
anger. Be still, trust, and notice where He has give you gladness, safety, and security.

Jul 26 TLH 54 (LSB 918) Psalm 5 Our enemies sometimes come after us so hard that we fall right into sin along with them.
Therefore we ask the Lord to lead us in His righteousness.

Jul 27 TLH 321 Psalm 6 Does your sin ever trouble you so much that become physically weak and cannot sleep?
Take your sin to the Lord, for He hears your voice.

Jul 28 TLH 386 1 Timothy 1:1-20 Beware of false teachings because they distract from the Gospel of Christ. This is a
“faithful saying” that is true: Jesus saves sinners. Jesus alone.

Jul 29 TLH 355 (LSB 526) 1 Timothy 2:1-15 Jesus Christ gave Himself a ransom for all, a mediator between God and men, therefore in
Christ we can reach God in prayer.

Jul 30 TLH 542 Genesis 13:1-18 Lot selfishly chose the best land for himself, but Abram wouldn’t be hurt by it. Remember
that God will take care you too even when it looks as if someone else has gotten a better deal.

Jul 31 TLH 221 Genesis 14:1-24 Abram was great, but the king and priest Melchizedek was greater than he. Melchizedek
in turn reminds us of Jesus, the greatest King and Priest.