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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Hymns Reading Comments
Nov 2 TLH 393 (LSB 713) 1 Kings 16:29-34 Things weren’t getting better in Israel. Enter Ahab, the worst of their kings to date. Even Joshua foretold that the Lord’s curse would be upon him (Joshua 6:26).
Nov 3 TLH 28 1 Kings 17:1-24 But the Lord is not asleep! To counteract Ahab, the worst of kings, God raised up Elijah, the greatest of prophets. How faithful and loving is our God toward His people!
Nov 4 TLH 612 Amos 1:1-15 The Lord not only had His eye on the sins of Israel, but also on the sins of the nations around her too. Their cruelty and wickedness would bring down judgment from God. The way of the wicked will perish.
Nov 5 TLH 453 Revelation 9:12-21 The second woe foretold of false teachers and idolaters (Mohammed and his followers) whose wicked actions would violently kill one third of mankind. But even in the face of this, the rest of the world would not repent of its wickedness.
Nov 6 TLH 49 (LSB 577) Revelation 10:1-11 The mighty angel’s book fits the doctrine of the papacy—good sounding words on the surface, but rotten and disturbing when “swallowed” and believed.
Nov 7 TLH 525 Amos 2:1-16 Even Judah and Israel would fall under the Lord’s judgment. These words are harsh, but in mercy God warned the people ahead of time. A few would heed that warning and repent.
Nov 9 TLH 296 (LSB 589) Amos 3:1-15 Israel had received a great deal of special blessings and attention from God, but they had still gone astray. May we never despise God’s attention and love toward us through impenitence.
Nov 10 TLH 468; LSB 857 1 Kings 18:1-15 Obadiah worked for wicked King Ahab, but secretly helped the Lord’s prophets. How does God still use well-positioned workers to carry out His will and help His people?
Nov 11 TLH 266 Revelation 11:1-13 “The Word they still shall let remain. . . .” Although heresy would make strong attacks against Christianity, there would be those who would proclaim the Gospel faithfully in the midst of it.
Nov 12 TLH 657 (LSB 537) Revelation 11:14-19 The Lord’s enemies and the enemies of His Christ are strong, but they will not prevail. Christ will reign forever and ever! Hallelujah!
Nov 13 TLH 518 (LSB 750) 1 Kings 19:1-18 What a merciful God we have! Elijah was ready to give up, but God did not give up comforting him
and convincing him that he was not alone. We have a Savior, Jesus Christ, who does the same.
Nov 14 TLH 111; LSB 861 Amos 4:4-13 There are times when the Lord sends us hardship to correct us and make us see the folly of our sins more clearly. Sadly, Israel ignored His chastisement. When our sins get us into trouble, let’s turn to the Lord.
Nov 16 TLH 496 (LSB 827) 1 Kings 19:19-21 Elijah had been despairing, but God still very much had the upper hand over His enemies! Not only were there a number of believers left, but another prophet would follow Elijah to keep on preaching the Word.
Nov 17 TLH 531; LSB 747 Revelation 12:1-6 At first this might sound like a picture of the birth of Jesus, but Christ had already come. The woman symbolizes the Holy Christian Church, and her child represents believers of all times. Although the serpent (Satan) seeks to devour Christians, God keeps us in the faith.
Nov 18 TLH 604 Amos 5:1-15 It’s very sad that Israel would come to an end because of her sins, but we can also be glad that God hates evil and does not let it prevail in the end. Can you spot the Lord’s merciful invitation to Israel in these verses too?
Nov 19 TLH 15 (LSB 816) 1 Kings 20:1-22 God showed He was in control of the armies of nations and used Ahab’s victory over Ben-Hadad to show that He was the true God, the Lord. Your God too is the Lord!
Nov 20 TLH 29 1 Kings 20:23-30 Again we see that our God is the Lord of Hosts (that is, Lord of Armies), for again He causes Ahab to win a victory over Ben-Hadad, even though Ahab’s advisors didn’t believe it could be done with such a small fighting force.
Nov 21 TLH 254; LSB 521 Revelation 12:7-12 The Lord our God simply does not lose His battles! Satan our accuser and his host have been defeated. The death of the Lamb (Jesus) and the Word of God overcome any of his accusations against you! Rejoice, heaven and earth!
Nov 23 TLH 539 (LSB 872) Amos 6:1-7 In spite of God’s warnings, the people of Israel carried on as though their sins were of no concern. We too need to guard against feeling too comfortable when we do wrong. When you sin, repent and look to Christ for forgiveness.
Nov 24 TLH 338 (LSB 687) Amos 7:1-9 Amos interceded for Israel when he saw visions of tragedy coming. The Lord relented, but eventually Israel would be measured to determine its straightness. It would be found to be crooked and judgment would come.
Nov 25 TLH 263 (LSB 666) Revelation 12:13-17 Satan is beside himself with anger at God’s victory over him, so he will terrorize God’s believing children to the very last. Yet they will escape and be saved.
Nov 26 TLH 570; LSB 789 Psalm 106 Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! Time and again we despise His blessings. Time and again He forgives us. Time and again He continues to provide for our needs. Amen! Praise the Lord!
Nov 27 TLH 452 (LSB 661) Revelation 13:1-10 These visions are similar to those of Daniel (Daniel 7). The picture of the beast coming out of the sea fits what we know from history about the Roman Empire, including its wicked rulers and the Roman Church (with the papacy).
Nov 28 WS 796 (LSB 886) Revelation 13:11-18 The popes of the Roman Church continue their influence, as the appearance of the second beast shows. This church appears innocent (like a lamb) but in reality “enslaves” people throughout the world and denies the Gospel of Christ.
Nov 30 TLH 60 (LSB 345) 1 Kings 20:31-43 After winning a second victory over Ben-Hadad, Ahab disobeyed the Lord by allowing Ben-Hadad to go free when he was supposed to die. God would now bring about Ahab’s death instead.