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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Hymns Reading Comments
Mar 2 TLH 411 Ruth 1 Ruth wasn’t simply attached to her mother-in-law. She had come to faith in the God of Israel and was determined to remain among others who believed in Him.
Mar 3 TLH 281 Ruth 2 Boaz took notice of Ruth, and noticed too that she had come on account of the Lord, the God of Israel (v. 12).
Mar 4 WS 757 Psalm 47 God is the great King over all the earth. The good news is that He is our God!
Mar 5 TLH 421 (LSB 688) Luke 9:18-27 God’s Messiah wasn’t what most people were expecting. He would be rejected and killed, and those who followed Him would also suffer much.
Mar 6 WS 719 (LSB 415) Luke 9:28-62 While many did not see Jesus as the Messiah, He showed three of His disciples that He truly was from heaven—without a doubt.
Mar 7 TLH 507 (LSB 830) Luke 10:1-24 When Jesus sent His disciples out, the power of the Lord’s Word over His enemies became quickly evident.
Mar 9 TLH 540 (LSB 860) Ruth 3 The Lord led Ruth to seek out Boaz for a husband.
Mar 10 WS 797 (LSB 936) Ruth 4 Boaz and Ruth became ancestors of King David, and thereby ancestors of Jesus. God used Ruth’s family and faith to bring His own Son into the world.
Mar 11 TLH 123 (LSB 733) Psalm 48 God is our guide to the end, protecting us and making us secure forever—secure even from the accusations of Satan and from eternal death.
Mar 12 TLH 443 (LSB 786) Luke 10:25-37 Let’s use our gifts and abilities to help others in need whenever we are able.
Mar 13 TLH 625 (LSB 862) Luke 10:38-42 A home where God’s Word is given prominence is a happy home.
Mar 14 TLH 374 (LSB 738) Luke 17:1-10 Don’t count on yourself for a stronger faith, but rather ask the Lord for it.
Mar 16 TLH 454 (LSB 771) 1 Samuel 1 Notice how Hannah poured out her troubles to the Lord and then left them with Him. She departed from the Lord’s house in good spirits! (v. 18)
Mar 17 TLH 26 (LSB 797) 1 Samuel 2:1-10 Hannah’s prayer of thanksgiving is similar in ways to Mary’s prayer (Luke 1:46-55). Both of them recognize that the Lord has shown favor to the lowly.
Mar 18 TLH 431 (LSB 709) Psalm 49 People who have great wealth and many earthly things, but have no faith in Christ, really have nothing.
Mar 19 TLH 180-181 Luke 18:1-14 With these two parables Jesus teaches us two important attitudes in prayer:
(LSB 447:1-6) persistence and humility.
Mar 20 TLH 413 (LSB 716) Matthew 19:1-12 Using the excuse, “Well, other people get divorces,” didn’t work with Jesus, and it shouldn’t be used as a reason by us, either.
Mar 21 TLH 83 (LSB 572) 1 Samuel 2:11-36 Eli’s sons were wicked priests, but the Lord promised to raise up a faithful priest (Zadok). Later still He would raise up the greatest Priest, Jesus Christ.
Mar 23 TLH 403 (LSB 773) Psalm 50 God doesn’t want just token gifts from us. He wants our hearts along with our gifts.
Mar 24 TLH 291 1 Samuel 3 Samuel pays attention to the Lord’s Word and so does Eli. Even though God’s judgment against him must have been difficult to hear, Eli did not argue with the Word of God.
Mar 25 WS 705 Luke 18:15-43 Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus! Only He can truly bless; only He can truly heal; only He can truly justify us.
Mar 26 TLH 357 Luke 19:1-9 Zacchaeus was on the lookout for Jesus, but more importantly, Jesus was on the lookout for Him!
Mar 27 TLH 141 Luke 19:11-27 Those who reject or misuse the forgiveness of Jesus will find themselves suffering for their sins (vv. 14, 26-27).
Mar 28 TLH 168 (LSB 455) Luke 19:28-48 Ride on, ride on, in majesty! In lowly pomp ride on to die.” (TLH 162)
Mar 30 TLH 301 (LSB 616) Psalm 51 Having confessed our sins and heard God’s comforting words of forgiveness in Christ, what then? We tell others how He forgave us, don’t we?
Mar 31 TLH 319 1 Samuel 4 Dark days come for the people of God on account of their sin, but in the end He will not forsake His repentant children.