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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Hymns Reading Comments
Feb 1 TLH 458 (LSB 766) Luke 11:1-13 How can we not be encouraged to pray? Jesus shows us what sorts of things we can talk to God about and assures us that He will answer us.
Feb 3 TLH 10; LSB 849 Luke 11:14-26 Jesus certainly can’t be in league with Satan or under Satan’s control if He is able to drive out demons.
Feb 4 TLH 283 (LSB 582) Luke 11:27-32 Jesus’ words are wiser than Solomon’s and greater than Jonah’s, so let’s pay attention to them. Those who treasure Jesus’ words are happy!
Feb 5 TLH 264 (LSB 658) Luke 11:33-54 Who are those whose light shines into the world? Those who hear the Word of the apostles and prophets.
Feb 6 TLH 295 (LSB 579) Judges 15:1-20 The Philistines did wrong against Samson, and he turned against them. For twenty years Samson served as a judge in Israel.
Feb 7 TLH 24; LSB 721 Judges 16:1-20 Again Samson suffered the consequences of allowing the advice of a heathen woman to influence his actions. It reminds us how important it is for men to have women who fear the Lord.
Feb 8 TLH 292 (LSB 585) Judges 16:21-31 At the end of his life, Samson again turns to the Lord for help and strength. May we all be looking to the Lord in our last moments too!
Feb 10 WS 770; LSB 584 Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 The Word of God is powerful and active, but when people reject it they lose out on its benefits. Blessed are those who receive it with joy.
Feb 11 WS 775 (LSB 578) Matthew 13:10-17, 34-35 The Holy Spirit must give understanding of the Scriptures. Although the parables made it easier for Jesus’ disciples to remember His Word, they didn’t help those who had already rejected it.
Feb 12 TLH 574 (LSB 892) Matthew 13:24-29, It’s not our job to rid the world of the unbelieving, for God will eventually bring
36-43, 47-50 judgment on them Himself. In the meantime, pray for them and try to turn them from their evil ways.
Feb 13 TLH 505; LSB 654 Matthew 13:31-33 The Lord’s work through the Gospel often starts small, touching only a few people, but over time more and more are brought to faith.
Feb 14 TLH 347 (LSB 743) Matthew 13:44-46 Jesus, priceless treasure! We love Him above all else!
Feb 15 TLH 153 (LSB 451) Matthew 13:51-58 Jesus brought saving truth, but the people would not listen.
Feb 17 TLH 651 (LSB 752) Psalm 42 In days of trouble we long for the Lord to come and help us—even thirsting for Him, and He sends His faithful love.
Feb 18 TLH 329 (LSB 607) Judges 20:1-36 This sad account leads up the end of the book of Judges. Israel descends again into the darkness of corruption and unbelief, so much so that God brings judgment on one of the tribes.
Feb 19 TLH 3 (LSB 902) Psalm 43 When people around you are unfaithful, unjust, and deceitful, turn to the Lord and let Him be your dwelling place. Put your hope in Him and call upon Him.
Feb 20 TLH 568 (LSB 785) Psalm 44 Israel complains of the troubles they have to face, but at the end of the Psalm an appeal is made to “God’s faithful love.” That’s the right place to go looking for help!
Feb 21 TLH 557; LSB 539 Matthew 8:14-34 Jesus heals the sick and drives out demons, showing Himself to be the Messiah Isaiah had spoken about (Is 53:4).
Feb 22 TLH 385 Matthew 14:1-21 Although saddened by the death of John the Baptist, Jesus’ compassion for souls is so great that He preaches the Good News to over 5,000 of them—and gives them dinner besides.
Feb 24 TLH 649 (LSB 715) Matthew 14:22-36 When Peter’s faith began to falter, Jesus was there immediately to rescue Him. Isn’t that how it is with us too?
Feb 25 WS 798 Psalm 45 This is a wedding song for a great king. As all the wonderful things about this king are listed, it is hard not to think also of Jesus, the greatest King of all.
Feb 26 TLH 262 (WS 774) Psalm 46 After Psalm 23, this is probably the most frequently sung Psalm in the world today—thanks to Martin Luther.
Feb 27 TLH 388 (LSB 570) Matthew 15:1-20 The Pharisees thought they were especially holy in the eyes of God because they went above and beyond the requirements of the commandments. The problem was that inwardly their hearts were still full of sin.
Feb 28 WS 779 (TLH 32) Matthew 15:21-28 In contrast to the Pharisees, here is a woman with true faith in her heart, as shown by her unshakable confidence in Christ’s grace.
Feb 29 TLH 31; LSB 535 Matthew 15:29-39 Again Jesus has compassion on a great crowd of people. Again He gives them dinner too!