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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date / Hymns / Reading Comments
Nov 1 TLH 490 Deuteronomy 18:1-8 The Levites were to devote themselves to the work of the Lord and that was a full time job supported through the people’s offerings.
Nov 2 TLH 32 (LSB 689) 2 Peter 1:1-11 Remembering how you have been cleansed of your sins, follow your Savior diligently in a life of self-control and brotherly love.
Nov 4 TLH 290 2 Peter 1:16-21 The Bible is the sure and certain Word of God—every word just as He intended it to be written for our learning.
Nov 5 TLH 287 (LSB 581) Deuteronomy 27:1-10 The Lord’s Word was to stand in a place of prominence over the people when they entered the promised land.
Nov 6 TLH 263 (LSB 666) 2 Peter 2:4-11 Do not be afraid, the Lord knows how to deliver you from temptation and from the ungodly.
Nov 7 TLH 265 2 Peter 2:12-22 Be on your guard because false teachers are very deceptive and tempting to follow.
Nov 8 TLH 293 (LSB 693) Deuteronomy 30:1-20 What blessings are ours through faith in Christ! What disaster is unbelief!
Nov 9 WS 794 2 Peter 3:1-9 Don’t be disturbed by those who think Christ will never really return. The Lord will not forget His promise.
Nov 11 TLH 215 (LSB 701) 2 Peter 3:10-18 The Day of the Lord will surely come, so let’s look forward to it with gladness and remain faithful unto the end.
Nov 12 TLH 624; LSB 866 Deuteronomy 31:9-13 Note God’s continuing education plan for Israel. We should have one in place too.
Nov 13 TLH 318; LSB 640 1 John 1:1-10 If we refuse to admit our guilt when we are actually guilty, we are telling Christ that we do not need His forgiveness.
Nov 14 WS 737 (LSB 491) 1 John 2:1-14 Keeping God’s commandments is an expression of our love for Him.
Nov 15 TLH 487 Deuteronomy 34:1-12 God blesses us through faithful leaders in our churches.
Nov 16 TLH 449 1 John 2:15-29 God works faith and truth in your heart so that you can resist the antichrists.
Nov 18 TLH 2 (LSB 981) 1 John 3:1-3 We have been made God’s own children through faith in Christ Jesus.
Nov 19 TLH 535; LSB 600 Joshua 1:1-18 The Lord is with you, therefore be strong and of good courage whatever
you may face.
Nov 20 TLH 322; LSB 612 1 John 3:4-15 A believer in Christ does not go on sinning without any repentance. May the Spirit always enable us to confess our sin and trust in Jesus for forgiveness.
Nov 21 TLH 441 (LSB 781) 1 John 3:16-23 Love is a matter of doing, not just of saying we will do.
Nov 22 TLH 410 (LSB 718) Joshua 3:7-17 The ark of the Lord went before the Israelites and opened the way across the Jordan. Similarly, it is the Lord who opens the way to our promised land of heaven.
Nov 23 TLH 297 (LSB 580) 1 John 3:24-4:11 God is love, so naturally He works in us that we love one another.
Nov 25 TLH 351 (LSB 700) 1 John 4:12-5:5 The one who loves is one who has been born of God and has already overcome the world. Lord, help us to show our faith by acts of love.
Nov 26 TLH 395 (LSB 696) 1 John 5:6-21 Have confidence in God and keep yourselves from the wickedness of the world.
Nov 27 WS 793 (LSB 893) Joshua 4:1-9 What do you do to help you remember what the Lord has done for you?
Nov 28 TLH 36 (LSB 895) Joshua 5:10-12 Oh give thanks for the Lord’s preservation of the people of Israel and for His preservation of us too!
Nov 29 TLH 651 (LSB 752) Joshua 6:1-20 The Lord did not just lead them to the promised land in order to leave them on their own, but He raised His mighty arm to fight for them and protect them.
Nov 30 TLH 295 (LSB 579) Joshua 8:30-35 The Word of God would lead the people in their new land (cf. Deuteronomy 27:1-10).