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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Hymns Reading Comments

Mar 1 WS 795 John 6:25-58 Just as feeding on earthly food gives us earthly life, feeding on Jesus (believing in Him) gives heavenly life.

Mar 2 TLH 431/(LSB 709) Genesis 28:10-22 The Lord strengthened Jacob’s faith by repeating the promise made to Abraham, and Jacob was confident of God’s watchful eye upon him.

Mar 4 TLH 541/(LSB 876) Psalm 20 We trust not in human strength, but in the power and protection of our God.

Mar 5 TLH 295 Mark 7:1-13 The sinful nature seeks to take God’s laws and replace them with our own, attempting to make ourselves the masters of what is right and wrong.

Mar 6TLH 174Psalm 22Although a prayer of David’s in his troubles, it is clear that this Psalm also foreshadows Christ’s suffering and death on the cross.

Mar 7 TLH 429/(LSB 708) Psalm 23 Our Lord’s sole aim and purpose is to shepherd us to life everlasting.

Mar 8 TLH 132/(LSB 810) Mark 8:27-30 Christians believe and confess that Jesus is the Anointed One from heaven.

Mar 9 WS 720 Mark 9:2-13 As they were leaving the mountain, Jesus drew comparisons between Elijah and John the Baptist, and foretold His own suffering too.

Mar 11 WS 719 Psalm 25 In times of suffering we call upon the Lord, “Look upon my affliction and my distress and take away all my sins.”

Mar 12 TLH 40/(LSB 798) Genesis 35:1-14 Jacob returned to the place of his famous dream and he and his family worshiped God.

Mar 13 TLH 280 Matthew 18:10-20 Don’t get upset if a concerned Christian tries to talk to you about your sins. He is following Jesus’ direction out of love for you.

Mar 14 TLH 454/LSB 771 Psalm 27 Although we are sinners, we have confidence that God our Savior will not turn away those who come trusting the atoning death of His Son.

Mar 15 TLH 522/(LSB 615) Genesis 37:12-28 Joseph, his father’s favorite, didn’t have to work like his brothers, so they weren’t happy to see him—but the Lord preserved his life for another purpose.

Mar 16 WS 775/(LSB 578) John 7:14-24 How do we know Jesus is from God? We know it because His teaching gives honor and glory to the One who sent Him.

Mar 18 TLH 408/(LSB 945) John 8:1-11 Did Jesus excuse or ignore the woman’s sin? No, he forgave her and reminded her not to abuse that forgiveness by continuing in her old ways.

Mar 19 WS 744 Psalm 29 The Lord uses His great strength to bless His people and give them peace.

Mar 20 TLH 531/(LSB 889) Genesis 39 Sometimes it looks as if the evil people and liars are always winning over God’s people, but the Lord has a way of turning things around.

Mar 21 WS 773/(LSB 825) John 9:1-12 Jesus gave sight to the blind, a sign that He was the Messiah (see Isaiah 35:5).

Mar 22 TLH 430/LSB 730) John 9:13-23 The Jews simply would not believe that the miracle had actually happened, and just like unbelievers do, they tried to discredit it.

Mar 23 TLH 5/(LSB 908) John 9:24-41 The man who could now see confessed His faith in Christ, but the Pharisees remained blind.

Mar 25 TLH 227 Genesis 41:15-40 Joseph’s knowledge came from God. Our spiritual knowledge and faith is a gift from God, too, and does not originate from within us.

Mar 26 TLH 325 Psalm 32 There is surely hope and comfort for those who are troubled by their sins!

Mar 27 TLH 521/(LSB 760) Psalm 33 Those who stand against the Lord will not be victorious in the end, for the Lord will carry out His plans in spite of them.

Mar 28 WS 783 John 10:1-21 What shepherd would actually give his life for a sheep? Only one, the Good One.

Mar 29 TLH 101/(LSB 888) John 10:22-39 Some today insist that Jesus never claimed to be God, but when He said, “I and the Father are one,” the Jews knew exactly what He was claiming.

Mar 30 WS 784/(LSB 722) Genesis 45:1-11 It took some time for Joseph to see, but God’s designs in his life were now clear to him. It can take some time for God’s purposes in our lives to become clear to us too.