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Date Hymns Reading Comments

Feb 1 TLH 518/LSB 750 Matthew 5:1-12 Children of God need not be ashamed if they must suffer for Christ.

Feb 2 TLH 349/LSB 683 Matthew 6:16-24 Do not focus on earthly treasures such as honor, glory, or wealth; but appreciate those  treasures that have heavenly significance.

Feb 4 TLH 370/LSB 575 Matthew 7:15-28 Watch out for false prophets, for not all who claim to be of Christ will actually enter heaven. Build your spiritual foundation on Jesus for safety and security.

Feb 5 TLH 459/LSB 780 Psalm 13 When you feel overwhelmed, bring your concerns to the Lord and His unfailing love will make  your heart glad.

Feb 6 TLH 364/LSB 524 Genesis 21:1-7 At the very time God promised, Abraham’s son Isaac was born. God’s plan to send the Savior stayed right on schedule every step of the way.

Feb 7 TLH 326/LSB 616 Luke 7:36-50 Like the sinful woman, we all have large debts that have been forgiven. Take a moment to think about just how much Jesus has forgiven for you.

Feb 8 WS 701/LSB 343 Matthew 11:1-15 John was the Messiah’s messenger, just as prophesied. This meant Jesus was the true Messiah, also as prophesied.

Feb 9 TLH 277/LSB 699 Matthew 11:25-30 Weary and burdened with our sins, we gratefully come to Jesus for rest!

Feb 11 TLH 412/LSB 411 Psalm 15 Children of God walk like children of God.

Feb 12 TLH 393/LSB 713 Genesis 22:1-18 The Lord blessed Abraham with a confident trust in Him, a faith that led him to obey even when he could not see just where he was being led.

Feb 13 TLH 398/LSB 870 Matthew 12:22-50 What people say reveals what is in their hearts, so watch what others say—and watch what you say.

Feb 14 TLH 25/LSB 717 Luke 8:22-25 You can count on Jesus, the Ruler of the wind and the waves.

Feb 15 TLH 407 Genesis 23 Abraham and Sarah were “strangers” not only in the land, but in the world, journeying to their heavenly home.

Feb 16 WS 759/LSB 486 Psalm 16 The Lord our God will keep us safe forever, not abandoning us to the grave, but raising us as  Christ was raised!

Feb 18 WS 781/LSB 586 Mark 4:26-34 These two parables help us to understand the nature of the ruling activity of Christ: He rules even without our help, and His rule spreads throughout the world.

Feb 19 TLH 575/LSB 849 Mark 5:1-20 Sometimes it feels to us as if the devil has the upper hand in the world, but Jesus reminds us that He has power over the Satan.

Feb 20 TLH 652/LSB 606 Matthew 9:9-13 Jesus came for those who sorrow over their sins, and those who don’t think they are sick will not trust in or benefit from His blessings.

Feb 21 TLH 383/LSB 557 Matthew 9:14-17 The Pharisees did not understand that salvation was by faith and not by fasting. Jesus’ “new” Gospel did not fit with their religion.

Feb 22 WS 728/LSB 479 Matthew 9:18-26 We can trust Jesus for anything, even our own resurrections from the dead.

Feb 23 TLH 237/LSB 947 Psalm 17 We pray for the Lord’s protection from evil.

Feb 25 TLH 317/LSB 569 Genesis 25:19-34 Sadly, Esau was not very interested in having a role in the promise God had made to Abraham, or he would not have given up his birthright so easily.

Feb 26 TLH 506/LSB 856 Mark 6:9b-13 The Twelve went out trusting in the Lord’s care for them and preaching repentance and faith. With the same trust and message His missionaries go today.

Feb 27 TLH 211/LSB 483 Psalm 18 Our Lord is a God of salvation!

Feb 28 TLH 511/LSB 832 Psalm 19 The heavens declare the glory of God, but even more importantly, His Word does.