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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941;
WS = Worship Supplement 2000;
LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Hymns Reading Comments

Jan 1 WS 782/LSB 726 Psalm 1 Walk with the Lord in the new year, for He will watch over your way.

Jan 2 TLH 532 Luke 1:26-38 Mary trusted the Lord to guide her life in whatever way He considered best for her.

Jan 3 TLH 275/LSB 933; Luke 1:39-56 Mary’s humble station did not prevent God from giving her great blessings. Truly He lifts up the humble.

Jan 4 TLH 84 Luke 1:57-66 Zechariah and Elizabeth also played significant roles in God’s plan of salvation. What role does God give to you?

Jan 5 TLH 272/LSB 346; John 1:1-14 John would prepare the way for the Savior’s ministry by testifying concerning Him.

Jan 7 TLH 342/LSB 342; Genesis 3:1-15 Our sins against God made it necessary for Christ to come into the world and bear our punishment for us.

Jan 8 TLH 345/WS 756; Psalm 2 The One Whom the Father chose to save the world is rejected by the world, but as for you—take refuge in Him.

Jan 9 TLH 81/LSB 372; Matthew 1:18-25 The Child born in Bethlehem is truly God in the flesh, for His name is Immanuel.

Jan 10 WS 709/LSB 392; Luke 2:1-20 God’s loving favor is upon us, for He sent us a Man to save us from our sins: the Savior, Christ the Lord.

Jan 11 TLH 137/LSB 938; Luke 2:21-40 Simeon held God’s Salvation in His arms, and by faith so do we.

Jan 12 TLH 133/LSB 410; Luke 2:41-52 Jesus shows His love for the Word of God by His desire to hear and learn it even as a young boy.

Jan 14 TLH 340/LSB 403; Genesis 6:9-22 By an ark God saved Noah from the judgment that fell upon his generation. By another Ark (Jesus Christ) we are saved from the Last Judgment.

Jan 15 WS 717 Matthew 2:1-12 Jesus is the Savior for all people, for those from the east and everywhere.

Jan 16 TLH 136/LSB 367; Matthew 2:13-23 The Father protected His Son until the day He could protect Him no more: Good Friday.

Jan 17 TLH 524/LSB 734; Psalm 3 The Lord is a shield around us, protecting and delivering us from our enemies.

Jan 18 TLH 261/LSB 405; Mark 1:1-13 Jesus’ time of public ministry begins with His Baptism, and Satan immediately steps up his attacks.

Jan 19 TLH 129/LSB 409; Genesis 11:1-9 Although the people were scattered at Babel on account of their sin, God would cause the Gospel of salvation to reach every nation.

Jan 21 TLH 126/LSB 396; Luke 4:14-21 Jesus proclaims Himself to be the Messiah, the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy.

Jan 22 WS 771 Luke 5:1-11 God’s plan for spreading the Gospel is to make every disciple a messenger of the truth.

Jan 23 TLH 134/LSB 408; John 2:1-11 Jesus’ first miracle not only saved a the hosts from embarrassment, but also revealed His glory as the Son of God.

Jan 24 TLH 41 Psalm 8 Who are you that a Savior should be sent for you? Yet the Lord cared enough to do just that. How majestic is His name!

Jan 25 TLH 379/LSB 553; Genesis 15:1-6 Abram’s righteousness before God was not because of his good works, but it was by faith.

Jan 26 TLH 386 Mark 2:13-17 Jesus’ goal is to call sinners to repentance. In this way He demonstrates great love for them.

Jan 28TLH 248John 5:16-30Jesus and the Father are equal, sharing the same work and deserving of the same honor.

Jan 29 TLH 414/LSB 932; Luke 6:17-26 Following Jesus is often a difficult road, but stick with it because all sorrow and hardship will be replaced by eternal glory.

Jan 30 TLH 428/LSB 729; Psalm 12 The wicked may do temporary harm to the righteous, but the Lord always rises up to keep His people safe.

Jan 31 TLH 64 Genesis 18:1-15 God told Abraham and Sarah that they would have a son, starting Abraham on the way to fathering a great nation—and a Savior.