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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Verse Reading Comments

Jul 2 TLH 392 Psalm 32 King David contrasts the torment of unrepented sin with the blessed sweetness of forgiveness in Christ.

Jul 3 TLH 4 Leviticus 11:29-30, 41-47 God put these food laws in place for Israel to teach them about being holy before Him and to prepare them for Christ Who gave them His holiness.

Jul 4 TLH 577/LSB 965; 2 Kings 2:1-14 The Lord will continue to provide faithful ministers of the Gospel until He comes again.

Jul 5 TLH 310/LSB 713; Psalm 80 When we fall into sin and see the sad result of our failure, we call upon the Lord to restore us and revive us again.

Jul 6 TLH 366 Proverbs 8:1-21 Want to be wise? Respect God and trust in Him. That is true wisdom.

Jul 7 TLH 605/LSB 513; Luke 17:22-30 When Christ comes again, His return will be quick and without warning, interrupting the daily routine of life on earth.

Jul 9 TLH 608 Philippians 3:7-14 Don’t give in to temptation and give up on the Lord, but keep in mind the glory of your coming resurrection, and press on toward that goal.

Jul 10 TLH 270 2 Kings 10:18-28 God brings judgment on unbelief—sometimes sooner and sometimes later, but it always comes. Here He used His servant Jehu to bring such judgment.

Jul 11 TLH 556 Psalm 82 When God brings judgment on those who are evil, it means deliverance for those who are righteous in Christ.

Jul 12 TLH 422; LSB 842 Proverbs 10:8-19 We can do much damage with our speech. A wise heart is careful about what and when to speak.

Jul 13 TLH 281 Ezekiel 29:1-6 God’s judgment is prophesied against Egypt, a prophecy fulfilled when Babylon overran it. Perhaps some in Egypt would learn the danger of impenitence.

Jul 14 WS 794 Luke 19:11-27 No need to worry about when Christ will come again when you can be busy with His work until He comes.

Jul 16 TLH 389 Colossians 2:6-17 “Deceptive philosophy” and “human tradition” teach that salvation comes through keeping God’s laws. Not true—it comes through faith in Christ.

Jul 17 TLH 147 Leviticus 16:1-22 The lesson of the scapegoat is really a lesson about Jesus taking away our sins.

Jul 18 TLH 433/LSB 782; Psalm 86 The psalm summarizes the Christian life: we lean on the Lord for forgiveness and comfort, and ask Him to help us walk in truth.

Jul 19 WS 752 Proverbs 12:1-15 No matter how we may be tempted by it, the way of wickedness is never a better way.

Jul 20 TLH 325 Ezekiel 33:1-11 God’s goal (and ours) is to show Christ’s love to the wicked, and to lead them from impenitence and unbelief to faith.

Jul 21 WS 789/LSB 787; Luke 21:1-4 Christ became poor, suffering even death on the cross, so that we might be eternally rich. With joy we return our thanks to Him!

Jul 23 TLH 309/LSB 643; Luke 22:14-26 While we are so often distracted by our own “greatness,” Jesus is busy giving His body and blood—for our forgiveness. That is truly great!

Jul 24 TLH 21 2 Kings 19:14-19 When the king of Assyria wrote and insulted Hezekiah’s God, Hezekiah prayed for deliverance—not for his own sake, but so God’s name could be glorified.

Jul 25 WS 767 Psalm 87 The people of Zion include all those who follow the Lord and whose hope for salvation is in Jesus Christ. God loves them and knows them all.

Jul 26 TLH 19 Psalm 89:1-13 The Lord’s faithfulness and might surrounds you! Praise Him!

Jul 27 WS 758 Luke 22:63-71 Jesus declares that He is the Son of God.

Jul 28 TLH 157 Luke 23:32-49 The Holy Spirit can bring someone to repentance and faith even at the last moment. Case in point: the dying thief.

Jul 30 WS 730/LSB 474; Luke 24:1-12 Like the women, sometimes in our own sadness we aren’t looking for the empty tomb either—but it is still there! He is risen!

Jul 31 TLH 191 1 Thessalonians 1 The Holy Spirit works in our hearts (verse 5) through the Gospel of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead (verses 9-10).