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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Verse Reading Comments

Feb 1 TLH 603 Isaiah 25:1-9 The “shroud” that covers all people (death) is taken away by the Lord. He is our refuge.

Feb 2 TLH 277 Matthew 11:25-30 We are Christians because God has made it so, not by our own works or effort.

Feb 3 TLH 353/LSB 690; Romans 9:6-16 Our salvation depends on God’s great mercy.

Feb 5 TLH 379 Genesis 22:1-18 The Lord provided a substitute (a ram) so that Isaac would not be slain. Jesus is our substitute, also provided by God, so we need not face eternal death.

Feb 6 WS 746 Judges 2:11-18 God’s patience is on display here. He helped Israel in their distress even though they turned away from Him repeatedly.

Feb 7 TLH 426/LSB 754; Psalm 17:1-15 The believer appeals to the Lord for protection from the enemy.

Feb 8 TLH 311 Job 11:7-20 Job’s friends believed his misfortune was a punishment for his evil. Not so, but we could be reminded that the repentant who trust the Lord are secure in Him.

Feb 9 TLH 534 Isaiah 30:15-26 The Lord is a God of justice, so He cannot and will not leave you, His dear children, without hope and help. That would not be right!

Feb 10 TLH 515 Matthew 15:22-31 Those who trust in Jesus will never be ashamed!

Feb 12 TLH 399/LSB 845; Romans 12:9-21 Faith in Christ expresses itself in acts of love.

Feb 13 TLH 91 Genesis 26:1-5 The promise of a Savior that was made to Abraham is repeated to his son Isaac. God hadn’t forgotten.

Feb 14 TLH 145 Psalm 19:7-14 On this Ash Wednesday we ask the Lord to forgive our faults and keep us from
unrepentant sin.

Feb 15 TLH 345; Job 14:1-17 Job struggles under the burdens that have been placed on him, yet he waits for the Lord

WS 756 and prays that his sins would be forgotten.

Feb 16 WS 761/LSB 849; Isaiah 35:1-10 Jesus comes and brings pleasure eternal!

Feb 17 TLH 329 Matthew 17:1-13 Jesus, the Son of God, predicts His suffering at the hands of His enemies—suffering that He endured to save us from our sins.

Feb 19 TLH 60/LSB 411; Romans 13:8-14 Good news! Your salvation is near! Therefore put away the deeds of darkness and live like children of the day.

Feb 20 WS 778/TLH 374; Genesis 28:10-16 Our ladder (way) to heaven is none other than Jesus Christ.

Feb 21 TLH 140 Psalm 22:1-22 This psalm of David foretells the suffering and death of Christ. See how God loved you and planned the details of your salvation so carefully in advance.

Feb 22 TLH 360/LSB 430; Psalm 22:23-31 Let Christ be praised for the great salvation He won for us on the cross! Proclaim the Good News to all generations!

Feb 23 TLH 61 Isaiah 40:1-11 The glory of the Lord is revealed in Christ, who comforts us, shepherds us, and lifts us up forever.

Feb 24 TLH 168 Matthew 21:1-16 At His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus is shown to be our King and Savior.

Feb 26 TLH 198 Romans 16:17-27 Satan is crushed underfoot by our Lord Jesus Christ!

Feb 27 TLH 437 Genesis 32:9-32 Jacob’s faith in evident during both the prayer and wrestling match wherein He holds God to His promises. Our faith, too, holds God to what He has said.

Feb 28 TLH 382 Psalm 25:1-22 We rely on the Lord not to remember the sins of our past, and He doesn’t.