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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941;
WS = Worship Supplement 2000;
LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Verse Reading Comments

Dec 1 TLH 415 Matthew 24:1-14 Before the end comes, things will get worse, but salvation is in store for the believers in Christ.

Dec 2 TLH 526/LSB 659; Matthew 24:15-34 The destruction of Jerusalem would be a tremendous tragedy, but not all would be lost. God would still care for His children.

Dec 4 TLH 611 Matthew 24:35-51 Heaven and earth will pass away suddenly, but believers will be safe in the arms of their Savior, Jesus.

Dec 5TLH 609Matthew 25:1-13May God give us heavenly wisdom so that we are eager and prepared for the Last Day.

Dec 6 TLH 606 Matthew 25:14-30 Christ will come again and bless His faithful.

Dec 7 TLH 607 Matthew 25:31-46 The bad news is that some will be lost. The good news is that anyone in Christ will go to eternal life.

Dec 8 TLH 205 John 20:1-18 Our own resurrections from the dead are certain because of Jesus’ resurrection.

Dec 9 TLH 208 John 20:19-31 Trust that He lives for you, and have everlasting life through Him!

Dec 11 TLH 61 Isaiah 40:1-5 The Lord more than covers our sin with forgiveness and comfort.

Dec 12 TLH 63 Isaiah 40:6-11 The Word of God stands forever, and the Word says, “Christ is coming to tend His flock like a shepherd!”

Dec 13 TLH 19 Isaiah 40:12-26 Who can doubt God? He made the universe and all that is in it!

Dec 14 WS 701 Isaiah 40:27-31 Jesus comes to give rest to the weary.

Dec 15 WS 715 Isaiah 7:1-14 A sign of God’s love and faithfulness toward us for all time: The Virgin bears the Infant.

Dec 16 TLH 86 Isaiah 7:15-25 Isaiah promised that the enemies of Ahaz would be laid waste in the less time than it takes a young boy to grow up. Jesus, God with us, defeated our greatest enemies.

Dec 18 TLH 62 Jeremiah 31:1-6 The LORD promised restoration to His people in exile. When we consider Jesus’ birth, we remember how we who were once exiled in sin are restored in Him.

Dec 19 TLH 92 Jeremiah 31:7-9 Surely it is God who saves us!

Dec 20 WS 706 Jeremiah 31:10-14 Proclaim the salvation of the Lord! Or maybe we should say, “Go tell it on the mountain!”

Dec 21 TLH 273 Jeremiah 31:15-20 Jeremiah foretells the violent reaction to Christ’s birth (see Mt 2:16-18). The Good News was not (and still is not) received by the proud and self-seeking people like Herod.

Dec 22 TLH 646 Jeremiah 31:21-30 The theme of restoration again returns to the prophet’s lips. We realize that spiritual restoration as well as physical was on the Lord’s mind (v. 22).

Dec 23 WS 713/TLH 94; Jeremiah 31:31-40 The new covenant is founded on Christ. It is not a covenant of law, but rather of forgiveness.

Dec 25 WS 714/TLH 87; Luke 2:1-20 The time has come and our salvation is revealed!

Dec 26 WS 711/TLH 137; Luke 2:21-40 Lord, now let us depart in peace, for we have seen our Savior through the eyes of faith.

Dec 27 WS 762/TLH 84; Luke 2:41-52 Jesus grows up, taking the first steps in His journey toward the cross.

Dec 28 TLH 410 Revelation 21:1-14 Heaven will be a complete separation from everything that is evil.

Dec 29 TLH 656 Revelation 21:15-27 This stunning picture language tells us that heaven will be beautiful beyond what we can imagine.

Dec 30WS 800Revelation 22:1-21Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.