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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date / Verse / Reading Comments

Aug 1 TLH 154 Dan 6:1-9 Out of envy, Daniel’s enemies plotted against him. Out of envy, Jesus’ enemies did the same (Matthew 27:18).

Aug 2 WS 761 Dan 6:10-16 We can stand firm when our faith is tested, too, knowing that God is at our side.

Aug 3 TLH 25 Dan 6:17-28 God not only saved Daniel from the lions, but also used the event to glorify His name
(vv. 25-28).

Aug 4WS 7601 John 4:1-5Beware of those around you who speak from the viewpoint of the world. It really is different from the viewpoint of Christ.

Aug 5 TLH 349:1-4 1 John 4:6-14 God shows us His love in connection with His Son, and He works in us that we might love one another.

Aug 7 TLH 349:5-7 1 John 4:15-21 God’s love in Christ gives us confidence on the day of judgment!

Aug 8 WS 769 Acts 13:1-3 The Holy Spirit selects His ministers so that the Gospel goes out.

Aug 9 TLH 500 Acts 13:4-12 The Word of God was confirmed by the miraculous sign, but what truly amazed the proconsul was the teaching about the Lord.

Aug 10 TLH 496 Acts 13:13-41 Don’t know what to say to someone who asks you about Christ? Paul gives you an outline here.

Aug 11 TLH 504 Acts 13:42-52 Paul and Barnabas boldly answered those who rejected Christ, and they moved on. Not everyone will receive the Gospel you bring them.

Aug 12 TLH 293 1 Sam 3:1-10 Again, it is God Who calls His prophets and ministers, and Samuel listened. May we all listen as he did when the Lord speaks to us in the Scriptures.

Aug 14 TLH 290 1 Sam 3:11-18 Samuel’s first prophetic utterance was a difficult one for Eli to hear, but it was the Word of the Lord and Eli submitted to it.

Aug 15 TLH 5 1 Sam 3:19-21 Leaves fall to the ground and are forgotten, but what God says is never forgotten. The Lord reveals Himself to us through His Word.

Aug 16 TLH 118; Psalm 119:49-56 Our comfort in suffering is not in whether God will end the suffering quickly for us, but in

LSB 738 His Word’s promises to care for us no matter what.

Aug 17 TLH 215; Psalm 119:57-64 The Lord’s Gospel promises draw us to Him, and as His children we delight to follow His ways.

LSB 691

Aug 18 WS 787 Psalm 119:65-72 Even though arrogant and godless people surround us, we find refuge in the Word of the Lord Who forgives our sins and does good to us.

Aug 19 TLH 380 Matthew 23:1-12 Our sinful natures want our “good deeds” to be noticed too, but Christ calls us to humility because arrogance and trust in God don’t go well together.

Aug 21 TLH 288 Matthew 23:13-22 By preaching a religion of Law without the forgiveness of Christ, the teachers of the Law were leading souls to unbelief and destruction.

Aug 22 TLH 408 Matthew 23:23-28 It’s not right to pick and choose what constitutes a godly life (v. 23) as we are tempted to do sometimes. God’s Word is a package deal—take the whole thing!

Aug 23 TLH 419 Matthew 23:29-39 In the midst of dire warnings, see the love of Jesus. His enemies were a “brood of vipers,” yet He would send them teachers (v. 34) and He longed to gather them.

Aug 24 TLH 400; 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 Hats or no hats? God isn’t giving us a specific rule about that, but rather to be aware of our

WS 786 own practices, what they mean, and the impression they give to others.

Aug 25 WS 754; 1 Corinthians 11:17-26 Even if we do not misuse the Supper in “love feasts” as Corinth did, we may at times take it

LSB 640thoughtlessly. Remember you are proclaiming the Lord’s death!

Aug 26 TLH 307 1 Corinthians 11:27-34 So as not to take the Lord’s Supper carelessly, we review for ourselves what it means and why we do it—with our focus on the forgiveness of sins.

Aug 28 TLH 431 Jeremiah 23:1-8 False shepherds were misleading God’s people, but in His grace He would send them a Good Shepherd to rescue them, Jesus Christ, our Righteousness.

Aug 29 TLH 248 Jeremiah 23:9-15 If God’s condemnation of false prophets sounds harsh to you, remember that it is a way of guarding others from unbelief and destruction in hell.

Aug 30TLH 2Jeremiah 23:16-24The world today still likes to say, “Everything is okay! No harm will come to you!” But turning away from the Lord’s word is never okay. Don’t fall for it!

Aug 31 WS 780; Jeremiah 23:25-32 God’s Word is not ours to change, but rather to speak faithfully. Why would you want

TLH 482 to change such words of Gospel mercy and blessing?