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Mini Classes!

ILC Newsletter

Every other month we get an update on what’s been happening at our Immanuel
Lutheran High School, College and Seminary in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Immanuel Lutheran High School and College students got a break from routine classwork this February during a three-day event known as “Mini Classes.” It’s a tradition that was introduced nearly twenty years ago by Professor Ronald Roehl.

From Wednesday through Friday, February 15-17, students were invited to select from over sixty intriguing “mini classes.” Classes were presented on subjects as diverse as sign language, automobile maintenance, wood-burning, and ice fishing. Each ninety-minute class was a stand-alone unit, with a goal of giving enrollees experience in a hobby, skill, or occupation that they might wish to pursue in the future.

For example, those with a curiosity about the construction trades got hands-on training in skills like house framing, electrical wiring, and the installation of siding. Those who like cooking could check out classes in pie-making, pizza baking, and stir fry. Fine-arts offerings included watercolor painting, voice, acting, dance, photography, and cross-stitch.

An introduction to engineering was offered, with a survey of computer-aided design and an off-campus trip to see how a computer numerical control (CNC) machine works. In the sporting arena there were classes in badminton, soccer, golf, bowling, skating, disc golf, and weightlifting; with some of the participants making excursions to off-campus facilities.

There was one session of mini classes with a specifically spiritual focus. These classes included Christian apologetics, Biblical Hebrew, how to survive college as a Christian, witnessing, Christian music, and others. A career fair, attended by all the high school students, was Thursday afternoon’s centerpiece.

Some mini classes were taught by instructors from the ILC faculty, some by older students,  and some by members of Messiah/Eau Claire and other CLC churches who volunteered their unique skills in widely-varying fields of expertise.

Mini classes have enjoyed a broad popularity among ILC students over the years, serving as something of a respite in the long, wintry stretch between the Christmas and spring breaks.

Paul Naumann is a professor at Immanuel Lutheran College in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and editor of the Lutheran Spokesman.