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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Verse Reading Comments

Feb 1 TLH 295 Romans 7:13-20 The Law is good, but it only leads us to recognize sin. It has no power to create spiritual life.

Feb 2TLH 297Romans 7:21-25Jesus Christ alone can set us free from sin and death.

Feb 3 TLH 446/LSB 418 Matthew 4:1-11 Although He was true God, Jesus went before the tempter as one of us. His defense is ours too: The Word of God.

Feb 4WS 771Matthew 4:12-22Jesus preaches and then shows His first disciples the joy of spreading the Gospel.

Feb 6TLH 557Matthew 4:23-25Along with sin came disease, sickness, and death into the world; but the Lord demonstrates His power over all these ills.

Feb 7TLH 287Exodus 20:1-17These ten cover it all, and show us what God expects of us.

Feb 8TLH 326Exodus 20:18-21Observe how the people reacted to the Law. It made them aware of their own sinfulness. That’s what the Law does.

Feb 9TLH 384Exodus 20:22-26The Law was accompanied by the Gospel. God would cause His name to be honored and He would bless His people.

Feb 10TLH 391Romans 8:1-17The righteous requirements of the Law are fully met in us, and those who trust in Christ Jesus are not condemned.

Feb 11 TLH 589/LSB 679 Romans 8:18-27 What if the worst day you could imagine suddenly turned into the best day you ever  dreamed of? Heaven will be greater than that.

Feb 13TLH 528Romans 8:28-39Memorize these passages, for they will be a blessing to you all your days.

Feb 14 WS 781/LSB 584 Matthew 13:1-23 Give thanks to God that He has opened your eyes and ears.

Feb 15WS 794Matthew 13:24-43For now, we must live alongside sin and wickedness, but the Lord will deliver us in the end.

Feb 16TLH 361Matthew 13:44-58The “kingdom” parables show us what a treasure we have in Jesus. How sad that some reject His loving rule.

Feb 17TLH 358Exodus 32:1-16As soon as he learned of their sin, Moses began pleading on behalf of the nation. A foreshadowing of the work of Christ?

Feb 18WS 779Exodus 32:17-35The wages of sin is death, therefore turn to the Lord in repentance for with Him there is forgiveness.

Feb 20WS 786Romans 12:1-8The key words are at the very beginning: “In view of God’s mercy …”

Feb 21 TLH 412/LSB 697 Romans 12:9-21 Turn the tables on evil!

Feb 22 TLH 356 John 14:1-7 “ … and take us to heaven to live with Thee there.”

Feb 23TLH 74/LSB 533 John 14:8-14If you know Jesus, you know God.

Feb 24TLH 230John 14:15-31Jesus did not need to show Himself to everybody. Others would follow through the power of the Spirit working in the Word.

Feb 25TLH 366Isaiah 55:1-5Listen to the gracious Word of the Lord—freely given and good for the soul.

Feb 27 TLH 390 Isaiah 55:6-9 Why turn to the Lord? Because He is a God of mercy and not a God Who seeks to destroy us.

Feb 28TLH 48Isaiah 55:10-13Peace, joy, and song belong to those whom the Lord draws to Himself.