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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Verse Reading Comments

Jan 2 TLH 123:1-4 Psalm 90:1-6 We have to admit that we are nothing next to God. What grace that He takes notice
of us at all!

Jan 3 TLH 123:5-6 Psalm 90:7-10 Even those sins we are not aware of are seen by the eyes of our God.

Jan 4 TLH 123:7-8 Psalm 90:11-17 The Lord’s forgiveness, compassion, and unfailing love shall bless us all our days.

Jan 5 TLH 134 John 3:1-4 Jesus revealed Himself as the One sent from God, and the miraculous signs confirmed it.

Jan 6 TLH 127; John 3:5-15 Salvation comes through Spirit-worked faith in Jesus.
LSB 401

Jan 7 TLH 245 John 3:16-21 The Light of the world has come into the world to save it.

Jan 9 WS 717 Exodus 3:1-6 God revealed Himself to Moses at the bush, and Moses respected God’s holiness.

Jan 10 TLH 367 Exodus 3:7-15 God came to rescue His people from slavery in Egypt, just as He later came in Christ to rescue us from sin.

Jan 11 TLH 529 Exodus 3:16-22 Moses needed to be reminded and encouraged that success would not depend on him, but on God.

Jan 12 TLH 398; 1 Timothy 3:1-10 Yes, this is how any Christian ought to live before God, but a public minister especially should
LSB 411 publicly follow Christ.

Jan 13 TLH 493 1 Timothy 3:11 Pastors’ wives have an impact on the ministry, too.

Jan 14 TLH 397 1 Timothy 3:12-16 A minister strives to conduct himself in a way that reflects the great Gospel he preaches.

Jan 16 WS 744 Psalm 19:1-6 God’s creative work—from the tiniest child in the womb to the highest mountain vista—shows us His glory.

Jan 17 TLH 285 Psalm 19:7-11 The words of the Lord are righteous, trustworthy, and precious. They give spiritual life.

Jan 18 TLH 334 Psalm 19:12-14 We ask the Lord, our Redeemer, to rule over what we say and do so that sin may be put down.

Jan 19 TLH 525 John 9:1-12 Here the glory and power of God are revealed, and He shows He can make even one’s suffering turn out for good.

Jan 20 TLH 133; John 9:13-23 The Pharisees understood that this miracle showed Jesus to be the Christ, so they tried to
LSB 545 discredit what had happened.

Jan 21 TLH 132; John 9:24-34 The healed man delivers such a clear sermon that the Pharisees can only resort to
LSB 402 name-calling rather than refuting it.

Jan 23 WS 718 John 4:1-12 Could we learn something about evangelism from Jesus? See how He so gently leads the woman to seek living water.

Jan 24 TLH 126; John 4:13-26 Jesus did not reveal the woman’s sin to her without also revealing the solution: The
LSB 540 Messiah had come.

Jan 25 TLH 351 John 4:27-54 The new believer became a missionary. She could not help but tell of what she had seen and heard.

Jan 26 TLH 40 Genesis 12:1-4 God promises to bless Abraham, but most importantly this means the way is already being prepared for the Messiah.

Jan 27 WS 784 Genesis 12:5-9 We see Abraham’s faith in action—how he goes where the Lord bids him and then worships the Lord from the heart.

Jan 28 TLH 396 Genesis 12:10-20 Although Abraham believed God, he struggled against his sinful nature too, just as we do.

Jan 30 TLH 99:3 Romans 7:1-6 Just as a death breaks the law’s hold over a marriage, so Christ’s death breaks the law’s hold over us.

Jan 31 TLH 295 Romans 7:7-12 The Law is good and just; that it brings death is solely because of man’s sin.