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Bread of Life February

TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; [ ] = Biblical Events Remembered

Feb 1 TLH 14 Genesis 45:1-10 Joseph saw clearly how God had overcome the brothers’ evil so that good could result.

Feb 2 [The Presentation of Our Lord] TLH 138 Genesis 48:1-11 God sets the lonely in families. What a blessing for any of us to see our own grandchildren!

Feb 3 TLH 442 Matthew 20:17-28 Let those striving for their own gain first stop to serve others.

Feb 4 TLH 383:1-3 Exodus 1:6-2:10 When His people were in trouble, God raised up His servant Moses to help. Later He would raise up a greater Servant.

Feb 5 WS 728 Matthew 22:23-32 Surely God can raise us from the grave, for He spoke of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as living even though they had died.

Feb 6 TLH 298 Exodus 5:22-6:9 God remembered His covenant even if the people didn’t.

Feb 8 WS 781 Exodus 9:13-35 Pharaoh rejected the LORD in impenitence, but the Word of God produced fruit in others around him (v. 20).

Feb 9 TLH 609 Matthew 25:1-13 Why say, “I’ll pay attention to Jesus later,” when we can delight in preparing now to greet Him in glory?

Feb 10 TLH 195:3-4 Exodus 12:1-20 Everything about the Passover was to put the people in mind of God’s deliverance—and of another Lamb.

Feb 11 WS 762 Matthew 26:1-13 The chief priests and the disciples were thinking only of themselves, but Mary wasn’t, and neither was Jesus.

Feb 12 TLH 265 Exodus 12:21-36 The wicked opposition Pharaoh had mounted against God ended in failure. Your LORD is stronger than His enemies.

Feb 13 TLH 169 Matthew 27:38-50 The Passover Lamb is crucified for the sins of the people.

Feb 15 WS 746 Exodus 17:1-7 The LORD “proved” Himself again—even when He didn’t need to, and even though they shouldn’t have insisted on it.

Feb 16 TLH 624 Exodus 18:5-27 God often gives us elders who are blessed with wisdom and understanding. Appreciate them as gifts from Him.

Feb 17 TLH 287 Exodus 20:1-24 The LORD did not give the commandments to scare His people, but to help curb their sin (v. 20).

Feb 18 TLH 3 Mark 2:18-22 Take advantage of any opportunities you have to be with Jesus.

Feb 19 TLH 27 Exodus 23:1-16 Justice is very important to God. By being just in our own dealings, we show that we respect and love the LORD.

Feb 20 WS 758 Exodus 26:30-27:8 Look how beautiful the tabernacle would be! Beautiful churches for a beautiful God.

Feb 22 WS 770 Mark 3:13-30 In what ways are Christians accused today of being filled with “evil spirits?” Jesus’ answer still applies.

Feb 23 TLH 490 Exodus 30:1-10 May my prayers be set before You as incense.

Feb 24 TLH 454 Exodus 32:1-14 Moses appealed to God’s covenant when He was ready to destroy the people. Jesus successfully pleads on our behalf.

Feb 25 TLH 355 Mark 5:21-43 Whoever trusts in Jesus finds life.

Feb 26 TLH 438 Exodus 35:30-36:7 More offerings than they needed? Can that ever happen? It can when God moves the heart by His love.

Feb 27 TLH 319 Exodus 37:1-9 Pay special attention to the atonement cover (mercy seat). It signifies God, in His great mercy, covering over our sin.

Feb 29 TLH 467 Exodus 40:33-38 God was with His people then even as He is with us now.