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From the back row

Written by Paul Koch | July, 2014
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TourChior_IMG_3018_atsizeThe 2014 Spring Concert of Immanuel Lutheran College was presented at Messiah Lutheran Church of Eau Claire, Wis. on the evening of May 23rd at the close of the school year, when exams were past (passed!) and everyone was enjoying the late arrival of beautiful weather. The concert was beautiful, too, organized like this in five sections: 

On • By • In • Through • Under

Director John Reim and choir took us on a Biblical tour of Creation, Redemption, Resurrection, Ascension, and Glorification. Word and song melded together splendidly to edify—indeed, to overwhelm us with numbers that were stately, jaunty, plaintive, melodic, marching, or rollicking—each in turn bringing the Spirit’s blessing into our ears and hearts. Thank you, ILC students and Director Reim!

The Immanuel Lutheran College Commencement service followed on Saturday morning, May 24th, in the campus Field House. This worship service counterbalanced the concert with its own warm, celebratory ambiance. Everyone was happy to see everyone—especially the friends and parents of twenty-seven high school graduates, six college grads, and two men prepared in the seminary department to enter the parish ministry of the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC).

Specifically, Peter T. Evensen will become the pastor of Rock of Ages Lutheran church located at Grand Rapids, Michigan, and David M. Ude will become the pastor of Living Hope Lutheran congregation located at Appleton, Wisconsin.

Naomi Bernthal received her teaching diploma and awaits God’s call into the classroom of a CLC Christian Day School; graduate Ross Kok will begin his teaching career in the classroom of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran church and school, Okabena, Minnesota.

Academic Dean John Ude presented Samuel C. Rodebaugh with his B.A. degree in Theological Studies; Samuel intends to enter our seminary department in preparation for the public ministry. Prof. Ude announced that Stefan Sonnenfeld (not present) also intends to enter the seminary next fall. Associate of Arts degrees were presented to graduates Alyssa Johannes and Caleb Meyer.

Then Principal Joel Gullerud awarded diplomas to twenty-seven high school graduates—many of whose family names are familiar because ILC was the Alma Mater of their parents—and grandparents, even! It’s thrilling that the Lord has blessed our modestly sized church body in such a wonderful way.

The sedate atmosphere of the service concluded with a cascade of balloons descending upon the audience—which we like to think represent the blessings showered by the Lord Jesus on us, His siblings. Praise the Lord!


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