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Pacific Coast Pastoral Conference

May 13-15, 2014, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Phoenix, Arizona Agenda:

+ A study of Yahweh and its translation, etc. How should it be translated into English? How can we bring the significance of this term to our people?
— Pastor Terrel Kesterson

+ Book Review: The Theology of the Cross.
— Pastor Steven Karp

+ Review: Fundamental & Non-Fundamental Doctrines, Open Questions, Etc.
— Pastor Robert List

+ Review of Sydow/Pieper statements on the humiliation of Christ, specifically His incarnation
— Pastor Caleb Schaller

+ Brief Review of the Formula Of Concord.
— Pastor Paul Naumann

+ Old Testament Exegesis (exegete’s choice)
— Pastor David Naumann

+ New Testament Exegesis (exegete’s choice)
— Pastor David Reim Conference

Chaplain: Pastor Douglas Priestap

Communion Service Speaker: Pastor Nathan Pfeiffer


The Board of Regents announces the following nomination for the office of President of Immanuel Lutheran College: Professor Steven Sippert. The term of the call for President of Immanuel Lutheran College is for two years, extending to the end of Academic Year 2016. The call committee for educational institutions of the Church of the Lutheran Confession will meet on the evening of April 28, 2014, in Eau Claire, Wis. Members of CLC congregations are invited to comment on the nominee; comments should be submitted in writing and must be mailed or E-mailed no later than midnight April 23, 2014 to:
Mr. Craig Ryan
499 Country Lane Fulda, MN 56131