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October 2013 Announcements

Great Lakes Pastoral Conference

October 1-3, 2013

Calvary Lutheran Church
Marquette, Michigan

+ New Testament Exegesis: Romans 4:14ff—Pastor Thomas Schuetze

+ Old Testament Exegesis: Essayist’s choice—Pastor Bruce Naumann

+ Homiletical Topic: Essayist’s choice—Pastor Michael Wilke

+ Evangelism Topic: Essayist’s choice—Pastor Richard Kanzenbach

+ What Constitutes Saving Faith?—Pastor Walter Schaller

+ Practical Ways the Pastor can Help Congregational Leaders Fulfill their Roles—Pastor Joel Fleischer

+ How a Pastor Can Balance Family and Church Responsibilities—Pastor Paul Krause

+ Church History: Essayist’s choice—Attending ILC Professor

Conference Chaplain—Pastor David Schaller

Communion Service Speaker—Pastor Neal Radichel