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Minnesota Area Pastoral Conference
Berea Lutheran Church
Inver Grove Heights
October 8-9, 2013


+ Old Testament Exegesis, Habakkuk 1:7ff
—Pastor John Johannes

+ New Testament Exegesis, 1 Timothy 3:14ff
—Pastor Mark Tiefel

+ Islam:  Essayist’s Choice of Topic
—Pastor Theodore Barthels

+ A Study of Coptic Christianity
—Pastor James Albrecht

+ Church History: Reformation Topic of Essayist’s Choice—Pastor Eric Libby

+ Handling Repentance of Public Sin in Our Modern Day—Pastor John Hein

+ Ministering to Those Who Have Been Sexually Abused—Pastor Paul Nolting

Chaplain: Pastor Norman Greve
Pastor Eric Libby, Secretary


Minnesota Delegate Conference
Faith Lutheran Church, New Ulm
September 22, 3:00 p.m.


+ Positive Aspects of Church Fellowship
—Pastor Em. David Lau

+ Witnessing to Muslims—To be announced

+ A Scriptural Study of the Beatitudes
—Pastor Mark Tiefel

Chaplain: Pastor Eric Libby

CDS Teacher Chad Seybt, Secretary


South-East Pastoral Conference
Zion Lutheran Church
Corpus Christi, Texas
October 22-24, 2013


+ New Testament Exegesis, Colossians 4:7ff
—Pastor Vance Fossum

+ Old Testament Exegesis, Genesis 2:8ff
—Pastor Roland Gurgel

+ Isagogical Study of the Gospel of Matthew
—Glenn Oster

+ Avoiding the ditches—A practical study of avoiding both liberalism and legalism in our preaching and practice as pastor
—Pastor Matthew Hanel

+ How is the gospel to be used in discipline cases in view of the fact that it is the power of God to salvation—Pastor Nathanael Mayhew

+ How to encourage pastors to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace on a conference and synodical level
—Pastor Todd Ohlmann

+ A Study: “The Love of Most Growing Cold in These Last Days,” with special reference to personal and congregational evangelism
—Pastor Karl Stewart

+ Faith must be in Christ “alone,” not Christ plus anything else—Pastor Dennis Rieken

+ A Series–Encouragement for Pastors: A scriptural/practical approach to setting priorities in the public ministry in connection with family, congregation, and synod
—Pastor John Schierenbeck

+ The relationship between love and truth in the New Testament—Mark Weis

Chaplain: Pastor Jay Hartmann
Communion Service Preacher—Pastor Aaron Ude
Pastor Aaron Ude, Secretary


West Central Pastoral Conference
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Cheyenne, Wyoming
September 10-12, 2013


+ The miracles of Christ in the Gospel of John: How the seven “signs” fit in to His plan—Pastor George Dummann

+ Continuation of a Review of Bente’s Historical Introduction to the Formula of Concord (Essayist’s choice)—Pastor Rick Grams

+ Devotional study of a Psalm—Pastor Michael Roehl

+ Isagogical study of an Old Testament book
—Pastor Matthew Gurath

+ Exegesis of Genesis 6:1-4, toward discussion of those who suggest the Sons of God were angels—Pastor James Naumann

+ Book review of In Search of the Biblical Order by Cascione—Pastor John Klatt

+ What place is/does the church to have in a Christian’s faith-life?—Pastor Mark Gullerud

+ New Testament Exegesis of Romans 11:13ff.
—Pastor Luke Bernthal

+ Old Testament Exegesis of Ezra 1:1ff.
—Pastor Mark Gurath

+ Homiletical Study (essayist’s choice)
—Pastor Scott Schiermeister

+ An examination and review of the Reformed view of the Means of Grace
—Pastor James Sandeen

Chaplain: Pastor Frank Gantt
Communion service Speaker: Pastor Andrew Schaller

In accord with our usage and order, Amy Osborne, who was called as lower grade teacher at Holy Trinity Lutheran School, West Columbia, South Carolina, was installed on July 21, 2013. —Pastor Vance Fossum