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More Faithful than a Mother!

Arguably, no image illustrates the essence of motherhood better than that of a mother and her newborn baby–for it is the birth of that child which marks a woman as a mother.

From the perspective of the newborn, this image is one of complete dependency. The child relies entirely on its parents, especially the mother (when nursing is involved). But while the infant counts on others to fulfill its every need, that child is well able to let it be known when its needs are not being met!

From a mother’s perspective it is almost impossible to forget that there is a nursing newborn in the house. Not only do the demanding cries at all hours of the day and night “remind” her of her baby, but also her own body—as it produces milk—”reminds” her that her baby needs to eat.

The Lord uses—and honors!—this picture of a mother as an astonishing contrast to Himself and His relationship to those who are His own. “Can a woman forget her nursing child…? Surely, they may forget, yet I will not forget you” (Isaiah 49:15).

Amazing! Just the thought of a nursing mother “forgetting” her newborn leaves one at a loss for words! “No way,” we think.
“That could never happen!”

So it is that God gives us a glimpse into the greatness of His grace. We may think it is nigh impossible for a mother to forget her nursing child. Infinitely more impossible is the thought that God could forget you and me!

And His never-forgetting love comes through in the pages of Holy Scripture. Not even once do we find the Lord forgetting His people. In the period of the Old Testament, time and again we find the Lord coming to their aid with miraculous deliverances. In New Testament times we see how He rescues us from sin with that ultimate deliverance of His Son’s own suffering and
death on the cross.

The same gracious deliverance continues today; never does He forget us! “See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; your walls are continually before Me” (Isaiah 49:16).

As we celebrate a national Mother’s Day, we are reminded to cherish, treasure, and show appreciation for the dedication, care, and compassion that our mothers have shown us.

But let us also use the opportunity this special day presents to give thanks to the Lord for the faithful way in which He never forgets us and all those who are His!