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Sheep & Shepherds

“The Lord is my Shepherd.”

What an amazing truth that is! The eternal, almighty Lord of heaven and earth is MY Shepherd. He takes care of my every need so that “I shall not want.” I will not lack any good thing.

Few books draw the reader to know and feel the love of the Savior as does this account of life under the care of the Good Shepherd. From our being lost and straying sheep to our lying down in green pastures of contented peace, the author leads us through our life with Jesus. The reader sees how our Shepherd anxiously sought and found us when we were lost and how He leads us along as the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.

Readers will also be filled with the personal realization that the Good Shepherd has the same overwhelming love for everyone. The author leads us to see the wicked and rebellious people of the world as lost and straying sheep—but sheep who are dearly loved and sought after by the Good Shepherd. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, imparts the desire to share His great work of seeking and saving the lost.

Sheep & Shepherds is the type of treasure that will benefit the reader over and over through the years. It also makes a great gift for others. Sheep & Shepherds may be purchased either from the CLC Bookhouse or directly from the author Pastor L. Dale Redlin at Per copy cost is $14.95.

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