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South-East Pastoral Conference

South-East Pastoral Conference • January 18-21, 2011
Zion Ev. Lutheran Church • Atlanta (Lawrenceville), Georgia


  • New Testament Exegesis, Colossians 3:15ff—Pastor Matthew Hanel
  • Old Testament Exegesis, Genesis 2:1ff—Pastor Aaron Ude
  • Isagogical study of Zechariah—Pastor Roland Gurgel
  • Word study on the term “weaker vessel”—Pastor Dennis Rieken
  • Production of revised agendas for worship (baptisms, weddings, installations, etc.)—Glenn Oster
  • Maintaining “Gospel Motivation” in Giving Pastoral Counsel—Pastor Todd Ohlmann
  • Teaching children God-pleasing humility, versus societal God-less pride—Pastor Vance Fossum
  • What is the meaning of “It is finished” in connection with Christ’s death and resurrection

(especially in light of Romans 4:25 and other such passages)?—Pastor Karl Stewart

Chaplain: Pastor Nathanael Mayhew • Preacher: Pastor Jay Hartmann • Pastor Nathanael Mayhew, Secretary