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(This stirring hymn was sung at this spring’s commencement at Immanuel College in Eau Claire. The best we could determine is that the hymn is to be credited to P. E. Kretzmann, but there is no restrictive copyright. — The Editor)

1. Immanuel: God with us!
   That is our humble prayer.
   For sin and guilt within us
   Would lead us to despair.
   In us dwells naught but evil, 
   But Christ's victorious power
   Has conquered death and Satan
   And brought salvation's hour.

2. Immanuel: God with us!
   That is our cheerful boast
   When Satan would assail us
   With all his dreadful host.
   Our trust we place in Jesus, 
   In His atoning blood;
   His righteousness will shield us,
   His love guide us for good.

3. Immanuel: God with us!
   That is our battle-cry
   When unbelief defames us
   And dares our trust deny.
   'Tis then His might embolden,
   and strengthens our weak heart,
   'Tis then His arm protects us
   From every hostile dart.

4. Immanuel: God with us!
   That is our final sigh,
   When our last hour comes on us,
   When death's dark vale is nigh.
   'Tis then His love enfolds us
   And takes us by the hand
   To lead us safely homeward
   To our true fatherland.

   Tune: Ewing - TLH 448