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Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council will meet October 18-19, 2000 at Immanuel Lutheran College in Eau Claire. The first session will begin after chapel on the 18th. The individual boards meet at the call of the respective chairmen.

–Daniel Fleischer, President

2000 West Central Pastoral Conference

Date:   September 19-21 beginning at 10:00 a.m. (CDT) Tuesday, 
        through noon on Thursday

Place:  Zion Lutheran Church, Hidewood Township (Estelline), S.Dak.


 1) New Testament Exegesis: Romans 8:12-23 -- Pastor Andrew Schaller
 2) Old Testament Exegesis: Daniel 9:20-27 -- Pastor Michael Wilke
 3) Dealing with the Indigent Who Come to the Church or Parsonage
    --Pastor Timothy Wheaton
 4) A Study of the Controversies that Arose after Luther's Death and 
    their Roots in Today's Denominations -- Pastor Michael 
 5) Approaches Pastors Can Use to Admonish and Encourage Inactive 
    Members--Pastor Michael Roehl
 6) Does Scripture Speak of "Degrees of Glory" in Heaven? (carry 
    over)--Pastor James Naumann
 7) Word Study of the Scriptural Words for Forgiveness--Pastor George 
 8) Study and Application of 2 Corinthians 6:14-18: How do we avoid 
    being "unequally yoked together with unbelievers"?--Pastor John 
 9) Guidance for Congregations with Building Projects--Pastor Peter 
10) Book Reviews:
    a) Prophecy of Matthew 24: Bishop Thomas Newton--Pastor Jay 
    b) Video Review (Reviewer's choice)--Pastor John M. Johannes
11) Discussion of the American Legion
12) Discussion of the use of Christian Day Schools in Mission     Congregations--Pastor Warren Fanning, Moderator

Conference Chaplain: Pastor Frank Gantt
Conference Speaker: Pastor James Sandeen

--Pastor Michael Schierenbeck, Secretary


In accord with our usage and order, Kirsten Gullerud, who was called by Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Phoenix, Arizona as teacher in its school, was installed on July 30, 2000.

–Pastor Delwyn Maas

In accord with our usage and order, George Dummann, who was called as pastor by Zion Lutheran Church of Ipswich, S.Dak. and First Lutheran Church of Faulkton, S.Dak. was installed on July 30, 2000 in Ipswich.

–Pastor Michael Schierenbeck

In accord with our usage and order, David Povolny, who was called by St. Stephen of Mountain View, Calif. to serve as pastor, was ordained to the gospel ministry and installed on July 9, 2000.

–Pastor Em. Rollin A. Reim

In accord with our usage and order, Amanda Bailey, who was called by St. Stephen congregation of Mountain View, Calif. to be teacher of grades 1-4 in its school, was installed on July 9, 2000.

–Pastor David Povolny

In accord with our usage and order, Erin Manthe, who was called by Gethsemane Lutheran congregation of Spokane, Wash. to be teacher of grades 1-4 in its school, was installed on August 6, 2000. Assisting with the installation were Pastor Arvid Gullerud, Principal Matthew Thurow, and President Richard Vogt.

–Pastor Robert List

In accord with our usage and order, Eileen Tiefel, who was called by Messiah Lutheran congregation of Eau Claire, Wis. to teach kindergarten in its school, was installed on July 30, 2000.

–Pastor Paul Tiefel


The August 2000 issue, p. 16 (first column), has a sentence which needs a comma to make it understandable: ” . . .The fourth beast that was dreadful and terrible, had huge iron teeth, and was devouring, breaking in pieces, and trampling everything that remained was the Roman Empire.” Our apologies. — Ed.

CLC Publishing Division

The names of those appointed to this board were not available to us in time for last month’s issue when we ran other appointments. The members of the CLC Publishing Division are:

    Teacher James Lau
    Mr. Matt Kelly
    Mr. Chris Williams
    Mr. Glenn Oster
    Mr. John Abbott
    Pastor Joel Fleischer
    Mr. Lowell Moen, Advisory

2000 South-Eastern Pastoral Conference

Place: Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, Weslaco, Texas

Dates: September 19-21


* The Difference Between the Lutheran and the Reformed Emphasis and 
  Teaching Concerning Prayer--Pastor Vance Fossum
* Significance of Didache in the Ancient Church--Pastor Paul Larsen
* What is the Significance of the Phrase "the cup of blessing" which 
  Paul uses in 1 Corinthians 10:16?--Pastor Stephen Sydow
* The Historical Background for the Development of the Concept of 
  Apostolic Succession--Pastor Thomas Schuetze
* An Isagogical Study of one of the Minor Prophets--Pastor John H. 
* Old Testament Exegesis of Malachi 3:13-18--Pastor Todd Ohlmann
* New Testament Exegesis of Colossians (essayist's choice)--Pastor 
  John Klatt

Chaplain--Pastor Daniel Fleischer
Communion Service Speaker--Pastor John Schierenbeck

--Pastor Todd Ohlmann, Secretary