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Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church–

New CLC Church In Texas

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church is an assembly of believers who gather around the Word of God. In 1997 a group of believers inquired of Rev. L. D. Redlin concerning the Church of the Lutheran Confession. They were interested in the doctrine and practice of the chruch body. The first meeting was in October 1997. Rev. Redlin, who was serving the vacancy at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Corpus Christi, shared with the inquirers the doctrine and practice of the Church of the Lutheran Confession.

With the arrival of Rev. Daniel Fleischer at Resurrection in Corpus Christi, services were begun–with the kind agreement of Resurrection to share its pastor. He was subsequently called as the first pastor and presently serves both congregations.

Convinced that the church body their pastor represented was faithful to the Scriptures in its teaching and practice, the congregation sought the continued services of the Church of the Lutheran Confession. The membership of this congregation was established by a public confession of faith on Thanksgiving Day 1998.

The first services were conducted in the home of Buddy and Gretchen Hovda. Afternoon services were then held in the Community Room of the Texas State Bank.

Shepherd of the Valley became the winter “home” of many CLC families who spend their winter in the Rio Grande Valley, as well as of others who appreciate the Word of Truth spoken from its pulpit.

The desire of the congregation was to have its own worship facility. The Lord gave patience, as everyone was involved in seeking such a place. We were led to the present building which was originally Grace Episcopal Church and currently the headquarters of the Rio Grande Valley Girl Scouts. With a loan of $78,000 from the Church Extension Fund of the Church of the Lutheran Confession, the congregation was able to purchase this house of worship. The first service in the building was conducted on September 19, 1999.

During the winter months Pastors Redlin or Fleischer conduct services every Sunday in Weslaco and Corpus Christi. When the pastor is not present, lay services are conducted with sermons provided by Rev. Fleischer. It is our hope and prayer that the time will come in the not too distant future that the congregation can have a full-time resident pastor.

Shepherd of the Valley exists to proclaim the Word of God, so that through that Word all who gather may be led to confess their sins and find their joy and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes (Romans 1:17).

We thank the Lord for His goodness and grace, and implore Him for His continued blessing.

–The above history of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church is adapted from the Dedication Service folder, March 12, 2000.