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Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council will meet in Eau Claire on March 1,2, 2000. Individual boards meet on February 28,29. The meeting which is ordinarily held after Easter was advanced because of the late date of Easter and the need to get materials for convention to the delegate conferences in good time.

–D. Fleischer, President

Call Committee On Graduates

The call committee on graduates is planning to meet March 1, 2000. The call (without a name) and the accompanying letter for pastors or teachers should be in my hands before that date. The call for teachers may be delayed to a later date. However, in order not to be overlooked if a congregation is calling a teacher through the committee, have teacher calls in before March 12.

–D. Fleischer, President


A colloquy of Rev. Martin Koestler of Preston, Minnesota is planned for February 28. Please have any pertinent remarks concerning this application in my hands by February 20.

–D. Fleischer, President

Convention Report

Information on anniversaries (congregation or individual) and dedications are solicited for the president’s convention report. If you have celebrated an anniversary of the congregation or of service in the ministry and have not informed the president, please do so now.

–D. Fleischer, President

Changes of Address

David and Kim Bernthal (teacherage)
6764 Paw Paw Ave.
Coloma, MI 49038
(616) 468-4440

Roland A. Gurgel (Vacancy Pastor)
6768 Paw Paw Ave.
Coloma, MI 49038
(616) 468-4368