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Late Acknowledgement

The author of the article “More Than Enough” (November 1997 Lutheran Spokesman) gratefully acknowledges the following as a helpful source for his article: “For Such a Time as This” (Milwaukee: Northwestern Publishing House).

From The Editor

In our issue of May 1996 an article appeared entitled Part II. Methods of Pietism. The article contained some generalizations which could lead one to believe that the WELS as a synod officially endorses any or all of some errors of the theology of the following in connection with small group Bible study: Pastor Cho (Pentecostal), Lyman Coleman (Serendipity), Promise Keepers, etc. The article expressed a very subjective opinion and contained several inaccuracies.

We are not in fellowship with WELS due to substantive doctrinal differences. However, we regret if any were misled by these unfounded generalizations.