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In accord with our usage and order Joel Fleischer, who was called by Calvary congregation of Marquette, Michigan to be its pastor, was installed on June 1, 1997. Assisting in the installation were Prof. Clifford Kuehne and Pastor Robert McDonald.

–Pastor Daniel Fleischer


Rev. Leroy Dux and Mt. Zion of Detroit have left the CLC. Rev. Mark Bohde has left the CLC. Rev. Egbert Albrecht and St. Luke’s of Stoddard and St. Mark’s of Onalaska have left the CLC. These former brethren have disagreed with the substance of the on-going study on self-esteem.

–Daniel Fleischer, President

Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council of the CLC will meet in Eau Claire on October 22 & 23, 1997. Each board will meet at the call of its chairman. The first session of CC is at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

–Daniel Fleischer, President


Pastor Steven Sippert has been appointed to the Board of Education to replace Pastor David Schierenbeck who has resigned.

–Daniel Fleischer, President

New Address

The Rev. Horst Gutsche 1128 42nd St. SE Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2A 1L6 Phone 403-207-1725

West-Central Pastoral Conference

Dates: Sept. 16-18, beginning at 10 a.m. (MDT) on Tuesday through noon

on Thursday

Place: Mt. Olive Ev. Lutheran Church, Lamar, Colo.

Agenda: 1) Old Testament Exegesis: Isaiah 55:8-11 — Pastor James


2) New Testament Exegesis: Romans 7:1-13 — Pastor Frank


3) Isagogical Study of Hebrews — Pastor Norman Greve

4) Review and Discussion: Walther’s Law And Gospel — Pastor

Peter Reim

5) Expository Preaching — Pastor Steven Sippert

6) What Impact Does the Minister Have on the Effectiveness of

the Word that He Preaches? — Pastor Michael Schierenbeck

7) An Evaluation of the Evangelical Free Church — Pastor

Paul Larsen

8) A Study of the Fourth Commandment with Special

Consideration of the Attached Promise — Pastor David


9) Book Reviews: The Sermon, by Lenski — Pastor Michael


Brave New Schools, by Bergit Kjos — Pastor John


Conference Chaplain: Pastor Michael Wilke

Conference Speaker: Pastor Norman Greve

–Pastor Steven Sippert, Secretary