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General Pastoral Conference of the CLC June 17-19, 1997 Immanuel Lutheran College Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Chaplain: Wayne Eichstadt Liturgist: Mark Berntahl Preacher: John Klatt Excuse Committee: Leroy Dux, Paul Schaller, Robert McDonald Program Committee: Jerome Barthels, Paul Krause, Stephen Kurtzahn Organ Coordinator: John Reim Essays: * A Summary and Critique of the Church Growth Movement — Michael

Sprengeler * Christ’s Subordination to the Father (as Pertains to His States of

Humiliation and Exaltation) — John Pfeiffer * Preaching that Makes a Difference — L. Dale Redlin * New Testament Exegesis — Bruce Naumann * Old Testament Exegesis – Isaiah 42:1-9 — Peter Reim * A Study of Veterans’ Organizations — Walter Schaller * Report on Self-Esteem Study * Relationship of and/or Distinction Between the Public Ministry and

the Priesthood of Believers — Thomas Schuetze

Completion Of Colloquy

Rev. Horst Gutsche, Calgary, Alberta, following colloquy is declared eligible for ministry in the Church of the Lutheran Confession.

— Daniel Fleischer, President

West Central Delegate Conference

Dates: June 6-8, 1997 Place: Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Jamestown, N.Dak. Agenda: * Devotional Study of 1 John 4:7-12 — Mr. Gary Wietgrefe * Devotional Study of Philemon — Rev. Norman Greve * The Work of the Elder (carry over) — Mr. Bob Ruegge * Righteous Anger — Rev. David Fuerstenau * The Christian Wedding Service: What is Appropriate in the Light of

God’s Word? — Rev. James Shrader * Encouraging Young People to Remain Faithful to the One True Faith —

Mr. Dean Larson * What is the Purpose of Marriage in light of the fact that couples

live together? — Rev. Frank Gantt Conference Chaplain: Rev. Michael Roehl Conference Speaker: Rev. Steven Sippert

— Rev. Steven Sippert, Secretary

Great Lakes Delegate Conference

When: Begins at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, June 2 (Eastern Daylight Time);

closes at 12:00 on Tuesday, June 3. Where: Calvary of Marquette, Michigan Agenda: * The Study of 1997 Coordinating Council Report * Discussion of the Joint Statement on Self Esteem — Mark Bernthal * Bible Study — Mark Gullerud Announce: Please announce to Walter Priebe: 548 Co. Rd. 545,

Marquette, MI 49855; (906) 942-7472.

The congregation requests your cooperation in announcing early enough for their preparations. For their meal and housing preparations please indicate your tentative time of arrival.

— Pastor John Ude, Secretary