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In accord with our usage and order, Immanuel Lutheran Seminary graduate Timothy Holland, who was called by Living Word Lutheran congregation of Hendersonville, NC and Gift of God Lutheran congregation of Fairfax, VA as pastor was installed on December 8, 1996.

–Pastor Warren Fanning

Correction: In President Fleischer’s article in the December 1996 issue there was an unfortunate typo for which I was responsible. The sentence in the final paragraph should read: ” . . . without the Reformation the message of Christmas–salvation by grace through faith in Christ Jesus alone–would have remained a deep, dark secret.” — Ed.

Request For Colloquy

Rev. Horst Gutsche, who left the Lutheran Church-Canada for reasons of conscience and who is now a member of Redemption in Seattle, Washington, has applied for colloquy with the intent to become eligible for call in the Church of the Lutheran Confession. Any response to this application should be in the hands of the undersigned by April 1, 1997.

–Daniel Fleischer, President

Kimball (St. Cloud Area)

Services in Kimball are conducted at 9:30 a.m. every Sunday. Sunday School and Bible Class follow the service. Holy Communion is observed on the second Sunday of the month. Location of the worship facility: 50 Hazel Street (middle of town, one block east of Hwy. 51).