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Angel Voices

A Hymn By Professor Paul Schaller

Angel voices in the night, Eyes that sparkle with delight, Gifts and golden candlelight — Christmas comes again!

Shepherds run to David’s town, Wise men cause a king to frown, God’s own Son to earth come down — Christmas comes again!

Sinners kneeling in the dust, Find a Savior they can trust, Live and die for them He must — Christmas comes again!

Peace, forgiveness, love and joy, Find in Mary’s baby boy, Gone the fears which now annoy — Christmas comes again!

Hallelujah! Sing today! Flute and reed and trumpet play, Lift your voices now and say — Christmas comes again!

Editor’s Note: We thank Professor Paul Schaller for once again sharing this, his annual special “Christmas Card” to family and friends, with our Spokesman readers.

Web Editor’s Note: To view the music to this hymn, please refer to the paper version of the Spokesman.