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Graduation In Mankato

Sign Posts

Six young people formed the 1995 graduating class at Immanuel Lutheran, an area CLC High School in Mankato, Minnesota. Their graduation service was conducted at 2:30 p.m. on Pentecost Sunday, June 4. Pastor L. Dale Redlin served both as liturgist and speaker.

His encouraging remarks to the graduates, their family and friends, were centered around the words of the Savior in Matthew 6:25-34 and the theme “What Will You Seek In Your Life?” Pastor Redlin mentioned his own high school graduation, recalling comments from some who couldn’t understand why he would want to go into the work of the church. Such will be the attitude of those who imagine “things” and “stuff” is what life is all about. Not so, said the pastor, but rather it is seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, trusting God to provide the things which are good and necessary.

Before concluding, the pastor asked the graduates and the assembly to remember three sign posts along the path through life: 1) Recognize the Hand of the Lord in Your Life; 2) Remember what true Wisdom is — Gods Word; 3) Realize that You Cannot Serve God and Mammon.

Graduate Kristin Arndt spoke to the assembly in behalf of her class. She thanked God, pastors, teachers, congregation, and parents for the Christian education provided at Immanuel. Then quoting something she had heard in her home church in Sleepy Eye recently, she gave what could be called another good sign post along life’s path: “Live each day as though it will be your last, for it may; live each day as though you will live forever, for you will.” She spoke well, talking about living each day not fearfully and fatalistically, but confidently in Christ.

The titles of the hymns sung by the grade school and high school choirs during the course of the service left no doubts as to the direction a Christian education points its students: “Christ Is Our Cornerstone”; My Hope is Built On Nothing Less”; “How Firm A Foundation”; “Go, My Children, With My Blessing”; “All Within Me, Bless the Lord.”

— Pastor Paul Fleischer