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From the Editor’s Desk —



The Lutheran Spokesman is printed in just one language, but it speaks both near and far. The monthly fun is just short of 2500 copies. Thirty-four states and seven foreign countries (Finland, Nigeria, Australia, Denmark, West Germany, Canada, Japan) are included among the addresses to which this magazine is mailed each month.

Most issues mailed to foreign addresses, and a few in the states, are sent “gratis” — that is, free — such as to synodical leaders and religious (mostly Lutheran) college and seminary libraries. In a few cases another publication is received in return. The CLC’s theological quarterly, the Journal of Theology, has this exchange arrangement with more addresses than does the Spokesman. Due to this exchange our Immanuel Lutheran Seminary in Eau Claire is the recipient of a variety of religious publications.

So that the editor and the CLC President can help the Spokesman speak they each receive a few extra gratis copies each month. So do our college and high school in Eau Claire and the Lutheran high school in Mankato.

We are happy to supply gratis copies, but we do want, and need, subscriptions! Help the Spokesman speak by subscribing for yourself and someone else!

Have you or your congregation considered placing the Lutheran Spokesman for public exposure in such places as your local libraries, medical clinics, hospitals, nursing homes? We do it in Sleepy Eye. We go back each month to leave the new issue and pick up the old. Lately the old has been missing occasionally. We are happy for that. Was someone’s heart touched, perhaps, by a Gospel article they read? (It is a good idea to stamp your church’s or pastor’s name to the copies left here and there. The reader might like to make contact).

Reading Without Blushing

In the last few months we have received notes of appreciation.

From a teacher: “In our house, as always, we read the Spokesman from cover to cover in one sitting. Our only problem is who gets it first, my wife or I. We thought the (last one) was special…”

From a lay-person; “…I want to tell you that I admire the format of the Spokesman. I think it is a very satisfactory monthly magazine for a church body. When more money is available, many unnecessary things are done. I am trying to say that a magazine with this format would be sufficient for …. (other Lutheran synods are names)…”

From a pastor who recently joined the synod by colloquy: “For some time I have told people that the Spokesman is the only Lutheran magazine I can read without blushing.” And again: “I have thought for years it was the best Lutheran periodical.”

We know such opinions are highly subjective. We and our staff have no illusions about our editorial or journalistic capabilities. No doubt there are ways our magazine could be enhanced format-wise, though appearance is not a high priority with us. In fact, though “experts” suggest that blank space is attractive to the reader, we purposely try to get as much ink as possible on the 16 monthly pages. Besides using pictures and highlighted sentences as page-breakers, our over-riding concern has been and remains the content of the magazine. We want to print articles which are true to the Bible passage on the covers of the earliest Spokesman volumes: “The Scripture cannot be broken” (Jn. 10:35).

On occasion we have received constructive criticism too, Very seldom, however, regarding content. That suggests to us that most of our readers receive benefit — scriptural and spiritual edification — from our modest monthly offering.

When the Lutheran Spokesman speaks, we hope our readers hear the Scriptures speak. We will not need to blush so long as we achieve that goal.

Spokesman on Audio Tape

While talking about the Spokesman speaking, let us mention again its availability on audio-tape. Pastor Walter Schaller of St. Lukes’s Lemmon, So. Dak. undertook this monthly task for the sake of a visually impaired member. He has graciously volunteered to commit himself to this time- consuming project monthly for any subscribers beyond his local congregation.

Another use has been found for the monthly audio-tapes. Pastor Schaller tells us that some busy folk have ordered them for “easy listening” in the car on the way to work or on vacation. Good idea.

Another way to help the Spokesman speak! Consider subscribing to the monthly audio-tape for yourself or someone else. The new buy still very reasonable rate is $10.00 for each audio-tape annual subscription. Order directly from Pastor Walter Schaller, 100 4th St. W., Lemmon, SD 57638/

— Pastor Paul Fleischer