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West Central Delegate Conference • May 24-26, 2011
Grace Lutheran Church, Valentine, Nebraska – Agenda:

1. Overview/Review of The Lutheran Study Bible (2009) and the ESV translation (pamphlet to hand out) – Pastor James Sandeen

2. Devotional study of a chapter of Isaiah – Pastor Matthew Gurath

3. How members and ministers can assist those struggling with addictions – Lay-Delegate

4. How God’s Word directs us to do mission work – Pastor Mark Gurath

5. Is it God-pleasing to make a vow to God when asking Him for help in times of need and trouble? – Pastor Michael Roehl

6. The role of a pastor and to what extent he serves his membership in the political sphere – Pastor John Klatt

7. Messages and exhortations to today’s Christians from the Minor Prophets – Pastor James Naumann

8. Essayist’s choice – Lay-Delegate

Communion service speaker: Pastor Andrew Schaller • Conference Chaplain: Pastor Mark Gullerud

Great Lakes Delegate Conference • June 6-7, 2011
Messiah Lutheran Church, Hales Corners, Wisconsin – Agenda:

1. Review of Romans 13 in regard to a Christian’s place under the government – Pastor Paul Krause)

2. Involving the newly confirmed in congregational life – Pastor Bruce Naumann

3. Evaluation of “Tent Ministry” – Prof. Paul Schaller

Conference service speaker – Prof. John Reim • Conference chaplain — Pastor Michael Eichstadt

CLC General Pastoral Conference

Immanuel Lutheran College
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
June 14-16, 2001


• Update on Current Theological Issues in American Lutheranism, With a Focus on Former Members of the Synodical Conference – Pastor Delwyn Maas

• Attending Religiously “Affiliated” Schools: A Pastoral Perspective – Pastor David Schierenbeck

• New Testament Exegesis (1 Thessalonians 4:13ff) – Pastor Caleb Schaller

• A Study of Forgiveness as it Relates to the Lord’s Supper – Professor Steven Sippert

• Becoming a More Effective Preacher – Pastor Paul Nolting

• Why Young People Are Leaving the CLC (Survey/Study) – Pastor Paul Naumann

• Old Testament Exegesis (Joel 2:28ff) – Pastor Paul Krause

Chaplain: Pastor Richard Kanzenbach

Communion Service Speaker:

Pastor Norman Greve

Communion Service Liturgist:

Pastor David Schaller

Program Committee:

Pastors Edward Starkey & David Baker

Excuse Committee: Pastor Lawrence Bade

Organ Coordinator: Pastor John Klatt



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