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Author: Matthew Hanel

Youth Camp at ILC 2017

Written by Matthew Hanel | September, 2017
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ILC Newsletter Every other month we get an update on what’s been happening at our Immanuel Lutheran High School, College and Seminary in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Back to the Future is more than the name of a 1980’s movie trilogy. This past June over one hundred CLC young people entering grades 6-9 gathered on the […] Read More

St. Matthew Lutheran Church Dallas, Texas

Written by Matthew Hanel | January, 2017
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A SLICE OF LIFE IN THE CLC Snapshots of Congregations from Around the Church of the Lutheran Confession Driving down Frankford Road, a busy three-lane, it is easy to notice the painted cedar-wood exterior and pitched roof of St. Matthew Lutheran Church. Located in a prosperous area of North Dallas, the city has literally grown […] Read More