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Pastor David Fuerstenau

‘Going All In’ with Thanksgiving

‘To the max,’ ‘pedal to the metal,’ and ‘nothing in reserve’
are several more slang terms that express a total commitment
to a cause or undertaking.

If one were to poll Americans as to what that means for them in connection with their Thanksgiving Day activities, no doubt many would answer they were ‘going all in’ with a day of football or ‘leaving nothing behind’ on the dinner table.

King David would have been amazed, if not shocked, for he put high value on actually giving thanks. Many are the psalm verses where he gives praise and thanksgiving to God for His wonderful works and words.

But there is one incident in David’s life when he especially ‘gave it all he had.’ It is recorded in the second book of Samuel (chapter 6), with a parallel account in 1 Chronicles 16.Read More »‘Going All In’ with Thanksgiving

The Double Patriot

Today the term patriot is used rather loosely. It has been applied to those who give their lives in defense of their country and also to those who protest against and seek to change the very foundation upon which this country was founded.

So what is patriotism?

Mr. Webster defined it as “love of one’s country; support of its authority, interests, and values.”Read More »The Double Patriot

Why Do You Weep?

The early hours of that first Easter morning found people in various conditions.

Most of Jerusalem slept soundly, while their religious leaders may have had satisfied smiles on their faces. But fear, shock, and confusion permeated the hearts of the Lord’s disciples. They were stupefied and in mourning because of His death. None of them believed in His resurrection.

And while they all mourned, John reported the dedicated weeping of Mary Magdalene. Read More »Why Do You Weep?

Seeking the Christ

Many things in life seem to be unfair. Thus it is often asked: “By what measure of fairness will God condemn to everlasting punishment those who have never heard the gospel of salvation in Christ Jesus?” A rebuttal question might be,

“Did they ever seek out God and His Christ?”

Surely the evidence and cause for such seeking exist, for “the heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1), and “His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead” (Romans 1:20).Read More »Seeking the Christ

Keeping The Wells Unblocked!

Most kids are curious, and I was no different. When I asked my father why a certain pasture which we passed almost every Sunday had a small fenced-off area serving no apparent purpose, he explained what could not be discerned at a distance. A spring of water was being protected from cattle which in the past had blocked up the water’s flow with their trampling hooves.

Isaac was confronted by a similar situation (recorded in Genesis chapter 26). There was a famine in the land, and Isaac was living in Philistine territory by permission. Despite the famine, Isaac’s herds increased, and his planted crops yielded bountifully. The Philistines, envious of his wealth, filled in all the wells his father Abraham had dug there in the hope of limiting Isaac’s power. Then they demanded that Isaac vacate the area.Read More »Keeping The Wells Unblocked!

Of Ravens, Lilies, and God’s Providence


It is not unusual for our Tulip and me to enjoy the backyard together. I sip my morning cuppa while gazing at the flowers; our pet cat watches the birds. Even when it’s raining, an assortment of winged neighbors are prone to gather there–some for insects and worms, pigeons for seeds, and an occasional raven or seagull for an offered snack.Read More »Of Ravens, Lilies, and God’s Providence

The Age of Miracles

Who would not like to see or experience a no-sham, no-scam miracle? Or even perform one?

This longing seems to be part of our human nature. Pharaoh, the unbelieving Jews, and Herod all wanted to see some great sign, and Simon the sorcerer was willing to pay money to be able to exercise the power of God (Acts 8:18).

Christianity is the religion of miracles, and without them it cannot stand.

Christianity is the religion of miracles, and without them it cannot stand. We know Jesus’ earthly life involved them (His incarnation, virgin birth, transfiguration, resurrection); during His earthly ministry He did many miraculous signs–all providing proof Read More »The Age of Miracles