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"…the Scriptures cannot be broken." John 10:35

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Articles by Pastor David Fuerstenau:

It is certainly true that without miracles there can be no Christian Church, no saving faith, no redemption, no life. Foundational are the miracles of incarnation, resurrection and sanctification. Following these are a host of other miracles—all meant to be purposeful and instructive. The miracles done by Jesus are described as “signs and Read More
I thought it a bit surprising, if not embarrassing. A lady had commented that it was too bad that the editors of The Lutheran Hymnal didn’t have spell-check available to them. When I raised my eyebrow in question, she bemoaned the fact that in the Sanctus (p.26), Sabbath had been misspelled. Turned out Read More
Abigail is an outstanding example of a beautiful, intelligent, God-fearing woman and wife who remained loyal to her husband for better or worse.
Summer traditionally is a time for weddings, joyous in their circumstance and hopeful in their outlook. But soon the reality of sin surfaces, even to the point of comment, Read More
If God has a sense of humor, I can imagine He would have been chuckling over what occurred in the temple of the Philistines during the days of Samuel (1 Samuel 5:1-5). These enemies of God’s people had defeated the Israelites in battle, captured the ark of the covenant, and brought it to their temple in Ashdod. Flush with the arrogance of Read More
We know that babies are a gift of God and that “children are a heritage from the Lord” (Psalm 127:3).  Certainly babies can change the way people live. Their gurgles can bring smiles and delight to the crusty and aged. Their cries bring parents running. Their Read More

‘To the max,’ ‘pedal to the metal,’ and ‘nothing in reserve’ are several more slang terms that express a total commitment to a cause or undertaking.

If one were to poll Americans as to what that means for them in connection with their Thanksgiving Day activities, no doubt many would answer they were Read More

Shooting Our Arrows

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Those who lived during the really cold war might recall that there was a red phone in the White House connected directly to one in the Kremlin.

You might also have heard someone compare the red phone scenario to prayer. Every Christian has a direct hot line to heaven and can beseech, thank, and praise God whenever Read More

The Double Patriot

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Today the term patriot is used rather loosely. It has been applied to those who give their lives in defense of their country and also to those who protest against and seek to change the very foundation upon which this country was founded.

So what is patriotism?

Mr. Webster defined it as Read More

Why Do You Weep?

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The early hours of that first Easter morning found people in various conditions.

Most of Jerusalem slept soundly, while their religious leaders may have had satisfied smiles on their faces. But fear, shock, and confusion permeated the hearts of the Lord’s disciples. They were stupefied and in mourning because of His death. None of them Read More

Seeking the Christ

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Many things in life seem to be unfair. Thus it is often asked: “By what measure of fairness will God condemn to everlasting punishment those who have never heard the gospel of salvation in Christ Jesus?” A rebuttal question might be,

“Did they ever seek out God and His Christ?”

Surely the evidence and cause for such seeking Read More